How to Quit Using Cocaine

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Cocaine is a powerfully addictive stimulant drug. At the onset of the 20th century, purified cocaine was the active ingredient in many popular tonics developed to treat a myriad of conditions. Before the development and wider use of local anesthetic, cocaine was also used to help block pain. However, research has eventually shown that cocaine is an intensely addictive substance that can reconstruct the brain’s function.

Cocaine, colloquially called coke, is now a recreational drug and a Schedule 2 narcotic. Drugs under this classification are known to be highly addictive with a high potential for abuse. This can eventually lead to psychological or physical dependence.

The Statistics

Users abuse two chemical forms of cocaine — this includes the water-soluble salt and the water-insoluble base. Abusers inject or snort the salt, which typically comes in its infamous crystalline white powder. The base form is created by processing and combining sodium carbonate or ammonium and then treating it to remove the hydrochloride to produce a smokable substance. This form of cocaine is called “crack”, which is a street name given to freebase cocaine.

Regardless of its form, cocaine is highly addictive. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, there is an estimate of 1.5 million cocaine users aged 12 or older in 2014. Adults between 18 and 25 years of age have a higher rate of cocaine use than any other group.

Side Effects

Cocaine creates one of the greatest psychological dependence of any drug. It animates key pleasure centers within the brain, causing a heightened sense of euphoria. However, tolerance to cocaine develops very quickly. Soon the addict will fail to achieve the same high experience. This will result in them risking higher doses of cocaine. This will eventually cause an overdose if left untreated.

There’s also the added danger of the different types of drugs that are sometimes cut into cocaine which can include tranquilizers, heroin, marijuana, or amphetamines. Such combinations — coupled with the fact that abusers are trying to reach a high with higher dosages — greatly increases the danger of cocaine use. In their pursuit for their next high, an abuser can experience a mixture of narcotics that can prove fatal.

Thankfully, there are addiction treatment centers and recovery clinics that cater to cocaine abusers. Being weaned off of cocaine is dangerous — the side effects of withdrawals can be potentially fatal. With the supervision of a specialty clinic, abuses will be able to safely wean themselves from cocaine and receive the tools that they need to manage their addictions.

Addiction Treatment And Recover for Cocaine Users

Unlike other sorts of drugs, there are no current medications approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration to treat cocaine addiction. However, some researchers note that certain chemicals can help fulfill neurological targets that can empower former abusers. Past research has put a spotlight on the dopamine, and the role of serotonin and norepinephrine. Researchers are actively testing drugs to reduce cocaine use.

However, treatment and recovery centers offer a comprehensive solution to drug users – including empowering them with the proper emotional and psychological tools to help manage their addictive personalities and vices.

One of the first things that a person will learn while in the recovery center is how to admit fault. Many times pride and ego get in the way of reaching out for recovery. Admitting fault and take initiative is one of the first steps to recovery, but also are one of the more difficult. In the recovery center, abusers will learn what causes their addiction, including the underlying emotional triggers. Therapists and counselors will help them uncover their emotional drive that is linked to their mental reward system that becomes engaged whenever they partake in drug use. By dissecting this emotional process, users will be cognizant and introspective of what fuels their cocaine use.

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