Family Support

Addiction can have devastating effects on the family of the addict. 90210 Recovery believes wholeheartedly in holistic care, and this means we also do everything possible to provide family support for our clients. Many of our clients are admitted into our Los Angeles drug and alcohol treatment as a direct result of positive family intervention. Family plays an important role in the recovery process, so we provide support to family members as their loved ones are in recovery.

Does Addiction Affect The Whole Family?

One of the common disclaimers for addicts is the belief of “I’m not hurting anyone but myself”. There is a reason why drug and alcohol abuse is considered to be a family disease because addiction affects the whole family. As the addict suffers, so can the family in a variety of different ways— fractured relationships, feelings of guilt and shame, and harmful levels of stress. Along with medical detox and a strong program for the addict, family support and therapy is a strong element of our treatment program.

As a loved one, you may be asking questions like “how do I get my son to go to treatment?” and it may seem like an uphill battle. The first step in your loved one’s recovery is the acceptance that there is a problem, and by being honest with them, you can help them take the first step to sobriety. By intervening at the right time, you can help your loved one reclaim their life.

90210 Recovery provides support to families in any way possible— and the families, in turn, act as support for their addicted loved ones.

FAQ About Family Support

How do I know if my loved one is addicted to drugs?

Sometimes addiction isn’t easy to spot but there are usually physical signs and behavioral changes. Has their appearance changed dramatically? Do they display constantly display erratic behavior? Is there an excess of drug paraphernalia in their home? These are all important questions that can help identify a problem.

What is family support?

When a loved one is in a cycle of self-harm, family members are often the first to be deeply affected. Once your loved one has been admitted, we update the family weekly with progress, and if needed, we schedule therapy sessions for spouses and family members to begin repairing with the client.

How do I talk to my kids about addiction?

If you’re struggling with substance abuse, having an honest conversation with your children can be difficult, but it can be necessary. Everyone’s situation is different, and we recommend taking time to heal in our facility, and when you’re ready, speak to your children if you feel that’s the right thing to do.

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