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Strategies to Maintain Your Sobriety While in Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a debilitating disease that impacts many. According to the National Institutes of Health, around 10% of US adults have struggled with drug use disorder at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, many become so addicted to drugs and alcohol that they become dependent on these substances to go about their lives. Inevitably, this can destroy a person’s physical, social, emotional, and mental health and well-being for the worse. In this article, you’ll discover strategies to maintain your sobriety while in addiction recovery so you can lead a better life. 

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5 Strategies to Maintain Your Sobriety in Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery can sometimes be difficult to navigate, especially as you transition from treatment back into your everyday life. In order for individuals to maintain sobriety, it’s essential to not just seek treatment but build foundational coping strategies, set boundaries, and fix any negative self-talk. 

1. Healthy Coping Strategies

It’s critical during addiction treatment you develop healthy coping strategies to help support your sobriety. This is because overcoming addiction is just the beginning of your recovery journey. While in recovery, you will be faced with old triggers, urges, and cravings that can potentially jeopardize your sobriety. That’s why it’s so critical you have healthy coping strategies in place (i.e. running, hiking, journaling, breathwork, etc.) that you can rely on to reduce your temptation to fall back into old habits of abusing drugs. 

2. Set Boundaries

It’s also important to learn and set healthy boundaries while you receive treatment. This is because when you get back into your daily life after treatment, you’ll be faced with old triggers and cravings that run the risk of jeopardizing your sobriety. Consider setting boundaries like not seeing certain friends who still abuse drugs, or avoiding certain events or locations that can trigger you to want to abuse drugs or alcohol again. 

3. Educate Yourself About Addiction

Another important way to set yourself up for success in addiction recovery is educating yourself about addiction. Addiction is a complex disease that impacts your brain. It’s pivotal to understand that your body will need to experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms as your brain adjusts to not consuming any drugs. 

Plus, it’s key you understand that many people relapse after receiving treatment. That’s why it’s so critical you reduce your risk of relapsing through healthy coping strategies and setting boundaries so you can maintain lifelong sobriety. 

4. Fix Negative Thinking

Negative thinking isn’t good for anyone, especially recovering addicts. Negative thinking can easily make you turn to unhealthy habits, like abusing drugs or alcohol. This is especially true if you suffer from ruminating thoughts or an untreated mental illness. Therefore, in order to break free of using drugs to relieve negative self-talk or mental illness symptoms, you need to address that negative self-talk with positive thoughts 

5. Manage Mental Illness Symptoms

As briefly discussed above, it’s imperative you manage your mental illness symptoms and seek treatment if you are struggling with a mental disorder. Otherwise, failure to seek treatment for mental illness symptoms can make you easily fall back into old habits of abusing drugs to relieve those mental illness symptoms temporarily. If you are struggling with both drug addiction and mental illness, it’s important you seek dual diagnosis treatment to effectively treat both conditions simultaneously. 

Time to Start Your Road to Recovery 

Maintaining sobriety in addiction recovery can be difficult. That’s why it’s critical that if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction you seek professional support.

At 90210 Recovery, we are a premier addiction treatment center that’s helped many patients effectively break free of addiction. With a comprehensive range of programs and treatment options at our holistic drug rehab in California, we’re here to help you every step of the way to take back control of your life for good.  Ready to start your sobriety journey? Contact us today!


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