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Answers to Your Questions


Questions You May Have

90210 Recovery understands that getting help for drug & alcohol abuse can be overwhelming. We took the time to answer most of the commonly asked questions we see. If you have a question that isn’t answered on this page, please, don’t hesitate to contact us day or night. We believe in you and your path to long-term recovery.

How long is detoxification?

Depending on what you are detoxing from will determine the length of a medical detox. Typically it is anywhere between 3-8 days depending on the substances that have been abused, time using those substances, route of administration. All of these things can play a part in determining the length of a detox. However we promise to make the client as comfortable as possible through the whole process.

How long is inpatient residential treatment?

Residential inpatient treatment stays can last anywhere between two weeks to three months. A lot of things come into consideration when determining the length of a client’s stay, but our goal is to get you as much time needed as possible. This is determined by the Clinical Team and progress of the client.


How often will I receive individual therapy?

Individual therapy will happen two to three times weekly as needed determined by the clinical team. Individual therapy is a big part of long-term recovery and can be requested more frequently depending on acuity.

Is my treatment confidential?

Treatment is confidential. The only ones allowed access to a client’s treatment documents are the individuals themselves or parties put on consent which is determined by the client.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, most large insurance carriers are accepted. An admissions specialist can help navigate the logistics of admissions.

What are your private pay costs?

Cost is determined on level of care admitted into as well as treatment length. Please contact an admissions specialist today for more information.

Will I have a roommate?

All rooms are semi private with a private bathroom.

Can I bring my pet?

This depends on the certifications attached to a client’s pet. There is a difference between an emotional support animal (ESA) and a Service Animal. All pet admittance inquiries can be directed towards an admissions specialist.

Do I need to bring my medications that I am prescribed?

Yes, please be sure to bring medications. However, medications may be subject to confiscation and/or re-evaluation based on medical and psychiatric recommendations.

How do I tell my loved ones where I am going?

This varies depending on the situation. We understand that this process can be delicate and are available to walk the client and family through this challenging process.

How do I tell my boss/ job where I am going?

This varies depending on the job. FMLA paperwork can be submitted on behalf of the client from 90210 Recovery. Leaves of absence for medical issues can also be granted depending on the job.

We have worked with multiple court systems throughout the country, and are willing to submit any records needed regarding a client’s treatment and progress with client’s permission. It is common practice to provide admittance, progress and completions letters for clients that need legal assistance.

Will my job find out I am in treatment?

No. The only way that a client’s workplace will find out that they are in treatment will be if they tell them or have them on consent with the treating facility. All files and records are confidential.

Can my family come visit me?

After the detox process is complete, our clinical team will deem when this is appropriate. Our recommendation is that visits are with persons that are conducive to the individual’s recovery.

Am I allowed to call friends or family from the facility?

Yes. Cell phones are allowed once the client steps into the residential phase. Typically our clients are allowed to sign their phones out for a couple of hours in the evenings. This depends on the clinical team’s recommendations of appropriateness.

Do the clients get to leave the facility/ are there any outings?

Yes. Client’s leave the facility for medical appointments. Clients may also leave the facility for group outings such as activities. However, clients are not allowed to be off site without staff supervision.

Am I allowed to smoke cigarettes/vape?

Yes, all tobacco products are allowed in designated smoking areas.

Can I park my car at the facility?

Arrangement of the client’s vehicle can be made with our admissions specialist. Our goal is to make the admissions process as seamless and simple as possible and understand that logistics are sometimes part of this process.


Do I get to keep my wallet and money while at the facility?

You may bring your wallet, money and any other personal property on site. However, these items are subject to being locked up.

If I fly from a different state will someone from 90210 Recovery pick me up from the airport/ take me back to the airport when I leave?

Yes. Our operations staff is available for airport transportation. Typically, you can find our dedicated staff holding a sign to welcome you!

Am I allowed to work while in treatment? Can I bring my laptop?

Yes. We understand that sometimes work responsibilities can’t be compromised. Our admissions specialists will coordinate a pre-admission agreement to ensure that work is not jeopardized.

What if I have a business phone call or meeting that I need to be a part of while I am at the facility?

We can make the accommodations to allow that to take place. Our admissions specialists will coordinate a pre-admission agreement to ensure that work is not jeopardized.

What do I tell my probation/ Parole officer? Or will the staff help me work that out once I get to 90210 Recovery?

We encourage our client’s to be transparent with their probation officers. We can provide acceptance letters prior to arriving as well as documentation of progress once they arrive.

Will going to 90210 Recovery be put on my permanent medical record?

No. All records from 90210 Recovery are protected by HIPAA.

All Other Questions

For all other questions please feel free to call, we would love to help further assist your needs and concerns. We at 90210 Recovery work diligently to make sure your stay here is as convenient as possible. We work to make sure all your needs are met and anything else that might come up while you are staying with us is addressed and taken care of in the appropriate manner.

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