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When we say that 90210 Recovery is the best LA drug and alcohol treatment center, those are not empty words. The combination of our world-class clinical care and our stunning environment gives our clients the best opportunity to confront their addiction and any co-occurring medical condition.

What Happens After Check-In?

When you arrive at our facility, you’ll undergo the initial intake process. You’ll meet with our admissions staff to complete the necessary paperwork. Next, you’ll meet with a nurse who will begin the health screening processes that check your vitals and blood levels. We use this information to establish a baseline and create your medical chart, which is used to monitor your health during the beginning stages of your recovery.

Within the first 72 hours, you’ll meet with a licensed social worker who will administer a biopsychosocial assessment, which analyzes the biological, psychological, and social factors that have contributed to your condition. This assessment will influence the clinical treatment plan during your residential inpatient stay.

The detoxification phase will be supervised by our MD. Detox typically lasts 2-7 days, and throughout that time you will be monitored by our nursing staff. Depending on your detox protocol, you will be prescribed comfort medications like suboxone and methadone to manage your withdrawal symptoms.

After a successful detox, our residential inpatient program really focuses on internal work to identify and work through the root cause of your addiction. The residential inpatient program typically lasts for 30-45 days. You’ll have private sessions with an assigned psychiatrist twice a week, group therapy sessions weekly,  access to a gym, meditation coaching, and so much more. This is a completely transformative experience.

What Happens After You Leave?

The moment you leave our doors is where lasting progress is made, so we offer continuing care services that put you in a strong position to remain on-track. In our Aftercare program, you’ll have access to therapists and recovery resources that will help you navigate the real world.  You’ll also have access to an Alumni community that is always ready to help you and provide guidance during your journey.

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