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When you finish our program and get back into the world,  your willpower will get tested the most. A support system that helps you deal with these triggers and stay on track during your journey to long-term sobriety is key. This is why we place a major emphasis on aftercare. After your inpatient residential stay is completed, we can schedule with other addiction therapy facilities, connect you with members of our awesome Alumni community, and offer various continued care services to keep you steady in the real world.

From the point you first enter our facility, we begin a dialogue with you to determine the structure of your aftercare program. You’ll have a dedicated case manager who will help to put the pieces together and identify your needs. The Aftercare work, like many parts of our program, is catered to you.

An Ever-Growing Alumni Family

Our Alumni Network is filled with people of all backgrounds who are actively on the path to long term recovery. Once you complete our program, you join this community of likeminded people and can use this community for support, camaraderie, information, and guidance. A vibrant network of individuals who are experiencing the road to recovery like you are is absolutely invaluable.

Continued Care: The Key to Long Term Recovery

Getting sober is a process, and the journey is rarely completed overnight. From the moment your first sit down with your assigned case manager, we’ll be game-planning your continued care strategy so you can be positioned for lifelong sobriety. Enrolling you into different programs, scheduling therapy sessions, connecting you with members of the Alumni Family. 90210 Recovery will support you for the long haul.

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