The staff is so loving and kind from the owners to the chef. Phenomenal is a understatement, all staff will go above and beyond to help you succeed in your journey. Charles hi!

-Kristen L.

The staff at 90210 recovery really care about all of the clients. I have 95 days clean today and haven’t felt this good in a long time.

-Matt G.

This was a very great experience you will not find many treatment centers that actually care about your well being. If you are actually trying to get help and are serious these people care and will help you.

-Alison R.

Great Program For Young Adults Struggling With Mental Health and Drug Addiction. The Team 90210 Puts Together Is Outstanding! The People You Choose To Connect With In Your Journey Will Help Along The Way. It’s All A Choice, One Step At A Time!

-James M.

When I made the decision to pick up the phone and call 90210 Recovery, it wasn’t for myself. I have a 4 year old daughter named Giana and I wanted to be able to give her and my wife a better life. I never thought I would actually get it. Thanks to all the staff and clinical team at the facility I have a life I would have never imagined today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 90210.

-Alex H.

After several failed prior treatment attempts I am pleased to say that 90210 Recovery gave me the tools I needed to sustain my recovery. At first I was hesitant to even try again but the comfort of a small facility where I would receive true individualized care was the deciding factor for my family and I. Aside from the chef, and accommodations at 90210 being better than I could have ever imagined I do have to credit my clinician for being the difference maker in my new life. Thank you to everyone who helped get me to where I am today.

-Mariah C.

  • Have received treatment in several different institutions and Hillcrest is the best treatment I've received, by far! The facility is exceptional, staff is exceptional and the environment is very... read more

    Michael B. Avatar
    Michael B.

    I never realized they had treatment centers, like this. Food is a ten, house is a ten, and the recovery is a ten. I've watch myself and other patients spend... read more

    Timothy G. Avatar
    Timothy G.

    Durning my stay at 90210 I opened doors I would have never been able to reach on my own. The clinical staff at 90210 honestly has changed the course of... read more

    R Avatar
  • Don’t risk your life with different facility. 90210 Recovery is hands down the finest facility you’ll find with an incredible staff. You owe it to your self to find the... read more

    Jason S. Avatar
    Jason S.

    My son has been through a couple of programs in his ongoing recovery over the last 10 years. He completed the 30 program here and stated that this was a... read more

    Sharilyn A. Avatar
    Sharilyn A.

    I have to admit the workers and the care was fantastic. The facility is quiet and relaxed, contributing significantly to my healing. They have made it work even with Covid... read more

    Stonion C. Avatar
    Stonion C.
  • A gorgeous and relaxing facility that's only outdone by the staff and therapeutic experience. When imagining a place to start your sober journey, 90210 outperforms hopes.

    Nicolas J. Avatar
    Nicolas J.

    This place is the best, I would not have been able to get sober anywhere else. The staff was awesome, food was great, and I feel I have the tools... read more

    conor h. Avatar
    conor h.

    This is more than just a detoxification center. It's a perfect jumping-off point for rehabilitation. The staff is very loving and compassionate and the counselors are very professional, and dedicated... read more

    Mark A. Avatar
    Mark A.
  • Great staff really make a difference. I've gone through other treatment centers before this one feels like home people really care and have your back even after... read more

    stephen m. Avatar
    stephen m.

    The best decision I have made was to come to 90210 for help. The staff is extremely professional and caring. I would recommend to anyone seeking help to... read more

    Matt J. Avatar
    Matt J.

    This facility saved my life!!!

    Ally R. Avatar
    Ally R.
  • There's no doubt when going to rehab you'll deal with a lot of uncomfortable feelings and probably feel bad physically but i have to say this place helped me face... read more

    Craig B. Avatar
    Craig B.

    I will never be able to thank 90210 Recovery and all their staff enough for the impact they have left on my family.From the initial point of contact, they were... read more

    Danielle S. Avatar
    Danielle S.

    Of course the facility is the nicest one you will find in the country as far as ascetically and amenities. Even more importantly, the staff and program are simply amazing.... read more

    Michael A. Avatar
    Michael A.
  • Finally a facility that cares!!! I would recommend this to any of my loved ones. Beautiful facility!

    Cody Avatar

    Beautifully executed program. They brought me to a higher level of understanding my disease, my spiritual stance and whole body healing. ❤️

    Angela J. Avatar
    Angela J.

    This facility is amazing! The staff were very helpful and I would send anyone here! They were a blessing to my family!

    Cherri L. Avatar
    Cherri L.
  • The best rehab facility I’ve ever went to my entire life the staff was absolutely incredible. And the facility is so beautiful it’s so relaxing and the food is so... read more

    Salvador C. Avatar
    Salvador C.

    You will be in good hands at this facility.

    Paulette H. Avatar
    Paulette H.

    Wonderful place. Staff is some of the nicest people and the property is absolutely stunning. Would def send my mother here.

    patrik b. Avatar
    patrik b.
  • This place set me up for a great recovery journey. I had massive growth within 30 days of being there. You can tell they care and want you to succeed.... read more

    Bri C. Avatar
    Bri C.

    It’s an amazing facility with great staff who genuinely care. The food was top class, and the views of the city were as well.

    Kegan S. Avatar
    Kegan S.

    So, I spent 37 days at 90210. And there aren’t enough words to describe how great of an experience I had.From the walking into the doors to my final days... read more

    Conner C. Avatar
    Conner C.
  • Amazing! The staff and owners use a hands on approach with all of their clients. Top tier all the way around.

    Tim S. Avatar
    Tim S.

    Unfortunately I’ve been to a few inpatient centers, but this one was the one that truly led me to sobriety. I stayed 40 days to make sure I got everything... read more

    Dylan A. Avatar
    Dylan A.

    My son had relapsed in upstate NY .. resources and detox in this area are less than adequate.. He had been to several without success.. My family reached out... read more

    Maryjo R. Avatar
    Maryjo R.
  • I was once lost but now I’m found. 90210 has staff that truly cares. From the case manager to the clinical director. Couldn’t be happier. The groups were life changing... read more

    Bryan A. Avatar
    Bryan A.

    Well we are at day 4 with the Detox part of the treatment for my fiancé. Although I miss her a ton, it’s comforting to know that she is getting... read more

    Brian S. Avatar
    Brian S.

    90210 Recovery is my first choice when I suggest emergency services to teenagers and young adults. Staff at the Center are polite and professional, and go above and beyond for... read more

    Shah A. Avatar
    Shah A.
  • One of the most amazing and luxurious facilities that I’ve ever toured. More importantly, the clinical staff there are some of the best people that I’ve ever met who deeply... read more

    Jake B. Avatar
    Jake B.

    Unfortunately I'm qualified to review rehabs because I've attended multiple (wish me luck).Anyway 90210 Recovery is an exquisite and lavish drug rehabilitation facility. It's very nice. Indubitably the nicest rehab... read more

    Joseph B. Avatar
    Joseph B.

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