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The Impact of Exercise on Mental Health in Recovery

Research strongly supports that exercise and physical activity can positively impact your mental health. Exercising is not only a healthy way to relieve stress, but it can also helps improve your mood, energy levels, and sense of self-confidence, which all show the positive effects of physical activity on mental health.

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7 Ways Exercise Can Improve Your Mental Health In Recovery

Exercise isn’t just good for your physical health; exercise’s effect on mental health is also significant! Keep reading to learn more about the impact of exercise on mental health!

Reduce Stress

First, exercising is a great way to reduce stress. Stress is a normal part of life; however, failure to effectively manage your stress levels can lead many people to abuse drugs or alcohol as a means to cope with their stress. Therefore, exercising is not only great for your physical health, but it helps reduce your stress levels as you progress in your recovery journey. 

Distract Yourself from Cravings

Exercising is an effective healthy coping strategy that can distract you from thinking about cravings or triggers to abuse drugs. It’s important to realize not all distractions are bad, especially when it comes to exercise. Exercising allows your mind to focus elsewhere on enjoying the activity you’re doing, rather than thinking about trying to resist the urge to fall back into old unhealthy habits. 

Improve Sleep Quality

Exercise is also known to improve your sleep quality. And, getting quality sleep each night is critical in improving your overall mental health and well-being. Quality sleep can also help you be more focused as you learn new skills and strategies in recovery you can use to maintain lifelong sobriety. 

Balance Mood

Another way physical activity effect on mental health is by balancing your mood. This is because not only does moving your body itself help raise your mood, but being outdoors can also raise your mood. And, having a balanced mood is important as you progress in your recovery journey. 

Increase Self-Confidence

Exercising can also help increase your self-confidence which can go a long way in improving your overall mental health. Your addiction recovery journey will be filled with many ups and downs; therefore, it’s important to build a sense of self-confidence and resilience so that you can overcome challenges and maintain life-long sobriety.

Develop a Healthy Coping Strategy

As mentioned previously, exercise is also a healthy coping strategy you can rely on when you are experiencing stress or urges to abuse drugs. Not only is exercising practical and free (depending on the activity you do), but it also again improves your overall health for the better. 

Raise Energy Levels

Finally, exercising helps increase your energy levels so you can have more energy and focus to devote to your recovery. The addiction recovery process can sometimes be draining as your body is adapting to no longer consuming drugs or alcohol. Therefore, exercise can help raise your energy levels so you can feel stronger and more focused during recovery. 

Start Your Road to Recovery Today

As you can see, the impact of exercise on mental health in recovery is significant. The road to recovery can be challenging, especially if you are just starting your sobriety. Implementing a consistent exercise routine can be a great way not only to improve your physical wellness but also to support your recovery journey so you can achieve long-lasting sobriety. 

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