Finding Addiction Recovery in Beverly Hills

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Addiction doesn’t need to be a problem only you deal with. There are numerous resources available in Los Angeles which will help you deal with addictions of any kind. From looking at accreditations to listings and more, we’ll walk you through several ways to find addiction treatment in LA county.

Finding The Right Treatment

The first most important criteria to look out for is the accreditation and licensing of the organization. You may want to google “accredited addiction therapy near me”. Only reputable centers will be accredited with the Joint Commission or organizations such as CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). Both of these organizations are non-profit entities that maintain certain standards of practice including quality, outcomes, and value for patients.

Next, you’ll want to look out for the credentials and licenses that staff at the center have. For instance, professionals with a LADC (Licenced Alcohol and Drug Counselor) are usually trustworthy individuals for treating alcohol-related and other substance abuse addictions. You may also want to look out for multidisciplinary treatment teams that offer more than just one expertise. These kinds of teams are typically comprised of nurses, medical doctors, nutritionists, and other lifestyle professionals.

Next, search for practices and centers that used evidence-based approaches. What exactly is an evidence-based approach? When centers monitor their programs and interventions and report on the outcomes, that is an evidence-based approach. This is important because these centers tend to focus on the treatments which make the most sense and have a proven track record of success.

Now you may want to consider what kind of addiction treatment you will need. For instance, you may suffer from alcohol addiction, but you may also be interested in lifestyle advice. Or you may be seeking more fulfillment in your life through counseling services, volunteering or more. So, try to look for centers that offer more than one kind of approach.

Types of Treatment

You’ll also want to consider the style of treatment center as well. The first kind if residential treatment. This style of treatment creates a space for the individual to focus on overcoming their addiction. So, the individual is placed in a facility with dedicated and on-demand medical staff who are experienced in treating withdrawal symptoms. Furthermore, these types of places offer a buffer between common stressors in life such as family, work, and friends. Although, you may still have visitors occasionally to provide emotional support.

Next are outpatient treatments. These types of centers are best for those who feel they have a strong at-home support system and would like to continue living at home during treatment. During daytime hours or during the evening, the individual will attend classes and treatment at the facility, yet still, return home later during the day.

Then there are day treatment and partial hospitalization centers. These types are very similar to outpatient services expect that they require a larger time commitment from those being treated. This is much more akin to a full-time job because it can take seven to eight hours per day for five to seven days a week. Furthermore, in the evening individuals typically attend a support group or 12-step program with others who are suffering from addiction.

Finally, there are sober living communities. These types of communities are dedicated to sobriety and are filled with other people who share the same goals or mission. These are good for people who wish to make long-lasting lifestyle changes that will maintain a support network of people who understand and sympathize with addiction-related struggles. These types of communities are also good for long-term post addiction treatment where you aim to reinforce what you learned.

Get Help From Our Professionals

With all of this in mind, 90210 Recovery in sunny Beverly Hills offers luxury, comfort, and style for those seeking help with addiction. The mission of 90210 is to treat each client with compassion and evidence-based approaches with a proven track record of success in previous patients. The staff at 90210 also has over 175+ years of combined experience in addiction treatment with a wide variety of expertise from medical training, to therapy, lifestyle guidance, nutritional advice and more.

The Beverly Hills location is also the perfect place for addiction recovery and offers a gorgeous campus for full-time living and treatment. Included are luxury amenities and semi-private rooms with modern and comfortable designs and furniture. So, during your stay, you’ll be sure to receive expert care along with a comfortable stay.