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What Are Some Long-Term Goals For Sobriety?

The road to sobriety can be riddled with challenges. Long-term goals can provide motivation and a sense of purpose that help recovering addicts stay motivated and on track after their last drug or alcohol use.

Want to set smart goals for recovery but are not sure where to start? 

Let’s take a look at some of the best goals to set for sobriety.

Choosing Long-Term Goals For Sobriety

Getting sober is but the beginning of your new journey into an exciting vice-free life. You’ve come a long way in getting this far, but as time progresses you will learn that sobriety was but the beginning of a much longer and fulfilling journey. 

Setting recovery goals early on can serve as the compass that will help you navigate these new and unknown waters and take you in the direction that you want to be in.

There are many systems that can help you set smart recovery goals and help you achieve them. Generally speaking, you will want to get clear on what you want and what steps you should take to get there.

Having a way to measure a goal will also help a ton, and it never hurts to add a deadline to them to give yourself a sense of modest urgency.

Long-Term Goals For Sobriety

Maintain a Recovery Program

Staying sober should be at the very top of your goal list. Without sobriety, the chances of achieving your recovery goals are close to none.

Maintaining a program of recovery, whether it’s a 12-step program or another form of aftercare, is a goal that should be at the very top of every recovering addict’s list.

But simply staying sober and maintaining a recovery program is too broad. Here are some examples of how you can break down this goal into measurable smaller tasks.

  • Go to one 12-step meeting every day
  • Make amends to someone from your resentment list each month
  • Pick up your yearly anniversary chip
  • Rework the 12 steps once a year
  • Speak to your sponsor or mentor on a daily basis 

Help Others With Their Recovery

The process of recovery is often a collective effort and having a supportive network of people can make a big difference. Part of that is paying it forward and helping others achieve or maintain long-term sobriety. 

Building and nurturing this relationship will not only help others but it will also maintain a fresh outlook on long-term sobriety and build a supportive network.

  • Serve as a sponsor to other recovering addicts
  • Call at least one recovering addict each day
  • Join aftercare and 12-step groups
  • Extend a hand in need each time you are asked
  • Contribute to at least one service commitment in a 12-step group per year

Commit to Holistic Practices

If you have achieved sobriety then by now you must know the importance of not only treating the symptoms but rather looking at the problem from its core.

Holistic addiction treatment addresses the addict’s physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. Instead of just treating the symptoms of addiction, holistic treatments address the underlying causes.

There are many holistic practices and recovery goals that recovering addicts can incorporate into their lives to maintain a healthy program of sobriety.

Some examples of these include:

  • Meditate once per day
  • Exercise at least 3 times per week for 30 minutes
  • Take an art class
  • Do yoga twice a week
  • Reduce intake of stimulants like caffeine and sugar

Stay in Touch With Therapy

No matter whether a recovering addict has a co-occurring disorder or not, speaking with a mental health specialist is a good idea. 

The benefits of consulting with a mental health specialist include more than just working through psychological illnesses. They can also provide unbiased assessments and guidance about situations in our everyday lives.

Working with a mental health specialist or a life coach is a helpful way to help take some pressure off our backs.

A few great long-term sobriety goals to set when it comes to therapy include:

  • Go see a therapist each week
  • Journal at least once a week to keep a check on how you are feeling

Getting it Right From The Beginning

Great rehab centers know how quintessential it is to start recovery on the right foot. Building the right foundation during the pink cloud days of recovery is critical to maintaining a healthy program that will last a lifetime.

The best way to approach a solid start is by attending a rehab center that understands these principles.

90210 Recovery offers holistic treatments to help you or your loved one get sober and stay that way.

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