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How to Help a Heroin Addict

Heroin addiction is nothing new, in fact, the drug has been a recurring problem in America since the early 1900s. But despite its known effects and dangers a large number of the population still struggles with heroin addiction every year.

If someone you know is struggling with a heroin addiction, it can be difficult to know how to help. Addicts might even be reluctant to ask for help for heroin addiction. 

But there are steps that can be taken to support and encourage our loved ones to seek help. Let’s take a look at what they are.

How to Help a Heroin Addict

Learn About Heroin Addiction

It can be difficult to offer help for heroin addiction if we are not sure how to help ourselves. By learning more about the problem and how we can help them we are empowering ourselves with the right tools to beat addiction.

In case you’re not sure where to begin, our content library offers a wide selection of informative and engaging topics to help with heroin addiction. 

Educate The Addict

After educating ourselves, one of the best methods of help for heroin addiction is offering insights and education to the addict about the consequences of addiction.

The lack of knowledge they may have about their situation and how to overcome it can be astonishing.

There are several topics of interest that you can share with heroin addicts to help educate them about their addiction, including:

  • How heroin affects their health
  • How heroin affects their finances and career
  • How heroin affects their relationships
  • How to get sober from heroin
  • What treatments are available
  • Demystifying heroin myths

Talking to The Pro’s

Helping someone with heroin addiction is best done with the help of professional experts.

A professional can be of great assistance when an addiction has progressed to a severe stage. A medical detox program is one of the most critical steps in the recovery process for people suffering from addiction because withdrawal symptoms can be extremely dangerous.

Additionally, therapists, recovery experts, and medical professionals can help heroin addicts on their journey to long-term sobriety.

There are a number of professional treatments and resources available to help a heroin addict. 

Among them are:

  • Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab
  • Drug counselors or therapists
  • 12-Step groups

Consider an Intervention

If none of the other solutions work, then you might want to consider the help of an addiction professional that can conduct an intervention.

Interventions are effective and proven methods for getting addicts into treatment. They involve gathering family and friends together to express concerns and support for the addict.

The intervention is usually led by an intervention expert who leads the group discussion and then takes the addict to rehab right after the intervention concludes.

Typically, interventions work well because they appeal to the emotional intelligence of addicts. 

Be Patient

The recovery process from heroin addiction can be long and difficult, and relapse is not uncommon. Even if the addict relapses, be patient with them and offer support. The road to recovery is a long one, and every step forward is one worth taking.


It is difficult to help a heroin addict recover, but it is worth remembering that recovery is possible. Having patience is a virtue worth having when offering help for heroin addiction. 

Finding Professional Help

If you have decided you want to offer help for heroin addiction to your loved ones but are not sure where to start then you’ll want to contact an expert in the treatment of heroin addiction.

At 90210 Recovery we specialize in the treatment of addiction and offer a holistic and evidence-based approach to our patients.

If you are ready to take the next step, then reach out to us, a team of experts is waiting to help.


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