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What is Holistic Treatment?

The term “holistic” has become popular over the years, especially with several Malibu, CA rehab centers proclaiming to offer holistic therapy. The truth is that holistic treatment only works if it’s implemented with the utmost care, supervised by experienced practitioners, and offered with a genuine intent to improve the client’s life. When we say holistic, we’re saying our treatment is aligned with the mind, body, and spirit to eradicate addiction and treat co-occurring conditions. 

Our holistic therapy is extensive, and it includes psychiatry, yoga, fitness, group therapy sessions, music groups, creative writing, meditation, acting classes, and so much more. We don’t merely focus on the substance abuse, we’ve constructed a program to mold you into the person you’ve always meant to be. 

Whether it’s deep breathing work to become centered, physical training to sweat and exhaust the body, mindfulness to achieve peace, or psychotherapy to dig into past trauma, our Beverly Hills holistic treatment can be a life-changing experience over the duration of your stay.

How Can Myself or A Loved One Benefit From Holistic Practices?

Professionals who have experience with holistic treatments believe that individuals are made up of multiple parts that are dependent upon each other to function properly. This means that individuals that are experiencing any imbalances in individual parts may be susceptible to negative consequences in their overall health.  Holistic practices will allow for healing of interdependent areas that may be lacking balance in any way shape or form. Since holistic practices are rooted in love and support, it is a vital part of anyone’s journey on the road to recovery from the client to the family. We at 90210 Recovery place an emphasis on including holistic practices into a clients daily routine of recovery.

Holistic Offerings

2 Times Weekly 
Our board-certified addiction psychiatrist combine psychological therapies with the latest medical advancements to provide each client with compassionate, effective treatment.

As Prescribed 

There are a variety of non-narcotic, non-addictive, anti-craving medications like Naloxone and Vivitrol that we utilize in our program that help rebalance your brain and make it hard to feel the effects of drugs & alcohol.


Our clinical therapists and counselors work with clients in small group settings to share their experience and assist clients in confronting their addiction head on.

2x Week

One-on-one therapy is a vital part of the treatment process. This is where clients can connect with their therapists and work one-on-one to identify triggers, map out behavioral patterns, and learn new coping skills throughout the process.


In order to combat addiction you have to learn as much about the disease as possible. Our daily psychoeducational groups cover a wide range of topics from relationships, to managing money to physical health, relapse prevention and wellness.

As Needed

It is often said that addiction is a family disease. While one person is addicted, the rest are affected in numerous ways. Family therapy helps the entire family heal and recover together.

Customized to Your Needs 

Often times, those struggling with substance abuse also have underlying mental illness that can be a barrier to long-term recovery. 90210 Recovery works with each client intimately to assess, diagnosis and treat any co-occurring mental illness.


1x Week

Unmanageability is a common occurrence for those struggling with drug & alcohol abuse. With our life skills education groups, we teach clients basic life skills that will assist on their journey of recovery.

7x Week

It is widely agreed on by most professionals that involvement in a 12-step or recovery support group is key to long-term success in recovery. We introduce clients to local AA and NA meetings to familiarize them with the programs so they can begin to build their own foundation in recovery, while still in a safe, sober environment.

1x Week

Healing the body is Dr. Edward Hayes purpose. Each week, you’ll meet with our chiropractor for adjustments to get your in the best condition.

1x Week

We focus on getting
your body strong again, offering kickboxing classes every week. 


Our state of the art gym is available for use at all times.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We understand that addiction can cause great damage to our physical bodies. 90210 Recovery offers 24/7 access to our available on-call doctor of internal medicine for all health related issues.


2 Times Weekly 
Instructor Cher helps us grow the soul with yoga practice. Yoga enhances positive thinking and meditation aimed at developing harmony in the body, mind, and environment.

2x Per Week

Lead by Monk Craig, we offer meditation class in order to pause, get centered and be present in the moment. Meditation promotes relaxation, reduces stress and enhances personal and spiritual growth.

1x Week

90210 Recovery has teamed up with Rock To Recovery to discover our inner rockstars. Sometimes where words leave off, music begins.

3x Week

Art has always been one of the best ways to connect with your emotions and express them in a healthy, non-destructive manner. In our creative therapy groups, clients find their own ways to express their feelings through art & creativity

What Is The Purpose Of Holistic Treatment?

The purpose of holistic treatment is to offer an individual alternative modalities that influence healing of the body, mind, and spirit. At 90210 Recovery, we believe that it is important to offer an array of group options to engage the clients and introduce new ways of healing and self-care. The overall goal is to encourage positive healing tactics in someone’s daily routine, if someone feels balanced and not lacking or falling short in some other aspect of their overall health then that person has a much better chance at longevity in sobriety. Clear mind, strong spirit and healthy body is a refreshing feeling. We know it can be scary and new to those who have been struggling with alcohol and substance abuse for any length of time, but it is our promise that once you or your loved one gets used to these changes they will embrace it and never look back.

You Have the Power to Change

If you’ve struggled with substance abuse, you’ve likely had doubts and questions swimming through your head like “How do I know I have a drinking problem?”, “How do I get sober?” or “How do I detox from benzos?”. These questions are normal and are often the first step on the road to recovery. Honesty leads to action, and the best action you can take if you’re facing a history of substance abuse is to admit yourself to a quality addiction treatment center. 

From the moment you enter our Beverly Hills holistic addiction treatment facility, we empower you to become the best version of yourself. We don’t attach labels or stigmas to you. Our holistic is centered around uncovering the context and motivation behind your addiction, and giving you the environment and guidance needed to overcome these hurdles.

Why Does Holistic Treatment Help?

Holistic treatments such as yoga have been used for many years as a spiritual practice and a way to practice healing from within. According to some, holistic treatment is necessary because it gives each client an individualized path. This process nurtures “wholeness” and healing by respecting each patient’s unique physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental strengths and challenges and honors each patient’s values, health belief and health experience. According to Quora, a holistic approach is important because it is a science founded on our natural design. The Holistic approach looks for causes instead of symptoms, and works towards creating a sense of healing for self improvement. It teaches that the body, mind and soul are one, and that healing is possible.

Holistic Approaches to Addiction
By taking a holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction, you will learn more healthy and positive ways to deal with stressful experiences. For example, triggers, or unhealthy relationships may be met with more patience or the ability to pause before reacting. Holistic practices support the mind and can even increase emotional regulation. Instead of drinking too much to relieve stress, you learn to express your creativity by taking part in art, journaling, meditating or music therapy. A holistic approach in addition to enjoyable activities that stimulate your body and mind, you’ll gain even more benefits of recovery.
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