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90210 Recovery

90210 Recovery is still accepting patients during this difficult time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our safety protocol.

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How We Can Help

At 90210 Recovery we follow strict clinically recommended appropriations of care that gets results to make sure our clients receive the best quality of care based on their presenting issues, barriers, and goals. Appropriate treatment placement for men can be convoluted by non-clinical sales professionals–90210 Recovery aims to change by placing you in touch with an industry leading clinician who will help you connect the dots.

Our one to one clinically driven approach follows clinical protocols for supporting and motivating clients for treatment commencement, treatment monitoring, case formulation, advocacy, family involvement, work and legal related issues, treatment planning, discharge planning, monitoring and sober support post discharge–follow up and aftercare.

What to Expect

A tranquil environment. Mentally and spiritually restorative therapy. Licensed doctors, practitioners, and experts. Cutting edge treatment. Beautiful grounds and lodging. A vibrant and ever-growing alumni community. When we say that 90210 Recovery is the best LA drug and alcohol treatment center, those are not empty words. The combination of our world-class clinical care and our stunning environment gives our clients the best opportunity to confront their addiction and any co-occurring medical condition.

What Happens After Check-In?

When you arrive at our facility, you’ll undergo the initial intake process. You’ll meet with our admissions staff to complete the necessary paperwork. Next, you’ll meet with a nurse who will begin the health screening processes that check your vitals and blood levels. We use this information to establish a baseline and create your medical chart, which is used to monitor your health during the beginning stages of your recovery. 

Within the first 72 hours, you’ll meet with a licensed social worker who will administer a biopsychosocial assessment, which analyzes the biological, psychological, and social factors that have contributed to your condition. This assessment will influence the clinical treatment plan during your residential inpatient stay. 

The detoxification phase will be supervised by our MD. Detox typically lasts 2-7 days, and throughout that time you will be monitored by our nursing staff. Depending on your detox protocol, you will be prescribed comfort medications like suboxone and methadone to manage your withdrawal symptoms. 

After a successful detox, our residential inpatient program really focuses on internal work to identify and work through the root cause of your addiction. The residential inpatient program typically lasts for 30-45 days. You’ll have private sessions with an assigned psychiatrist twice a week, group therapy sessions weekly, will have access to a gym, can practice meditation, and so much more. This is a completely transformative experience.

Will I Be Judged Or Asked Personal Questions?

From arrival to departure, you or your loved one will never be judged. At 90210 Recovery, we pride ourselves on understanding what it’s like to go through the struggle of addiction and mental health challenges. We make sure to guide the client and family members of the individual suffering through the process of understanding what exactly is going on.

Our primary purpose is to restore your individual family connections and heal the person as a whole. It is important to understand that this is temporary and that you or your loved one had made the tough decision of not only asking for help, but seeking treatment. We empower our clients to stay engaged and as long as the work is being done by the client, the individual will be well on their way to lasting recovery. Our staff has witnessed families reunite, mothers and fathers get their children back, and employers getting their co-workers back through the workings of following an individualized treatment plan. Judgement is far from what we believe in at 90210 Recovery.

What Do I Need To Know About Going To Treatment?
Going to treatment can prompt many different feelings, some of which include anxiety and fear. First and foremost, it is important to understand that treatment is a decision that can save you or your loved ones life. There has been a chain of events that has led to the brave decision of asking for help. With this also comes the real power of change and ultimately a new way of life. Becoming willing to take the initial step in inpatient residential treatment is just the first step. Treatment is a safe haven for those seeking help from drugs and alcohol. 90210 Recovery is founded on the simple principle that recovery is possible. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing the best care possible and can’t express enough how important it is to allow you or your loved one space and time to heal.
What Is The Process After I Agree To Go?

The process after an individual commits to treatment is pretty simple. We do our best to work out the logistical and relational parts to alleviate stress from the individual who is seeking help. If the potential client is coming from out of state, we help navigate how to set up travel and any other logistical element that may feel like a barrier. Once you or your loved one agrees to go to treatment, it is vital to act swiftly as thought processes can be compromised in active addiction and alcoholism.

Once the individual arrives at the airport, our staff is waiting to pick the client up and admit them safely into our care. Once at the facility, the intake process begins and we safely admit the client and they begin their treatment process. Upon entrance into the facility, clients can expect to be searched, drug tested, and assessed to check for withdrawal symptoms or any other health concerns. Once our treatment team has a medical baseline, the clients will be administered medications reflecting their detoxification regimen.

What Happens After You Leave?

The moment you leave our doors is where lasting progress is made, so we offer continued care services that put you in a strong position to remain on-track. At this stage, we’ve helped our clients work through their relationship issues by scheduling relationship and marriage therapy sessions with their significant other. We’ve put clients on better career paths by helping them issues at work. Recommended and connected them with other complementary facilities and therapy centers to continue their road to recovery. You’ll also have access to an Alumni community that is always ready to help you and provide guidance during your journey.

What To Bring

90210 Recovery encourages disengaging from electronics and external distractions during your detoxification. The symptoms of withdrawal tend to be challenging and the intention is to place focus on recovery and healing. We like to give individuals an outline of what to bring to help feel prepared for treatment. If you have any other questions about the list below or need clarification, please call our admissions department at 1-844-462-8571

What to Bring for Admission:

  • Driver’s License or Photo ID
  • Insurance card (Front and Back Needed)
  • Credit card
  • Prescription card
  • Small amount of money (Cash will be kept in a safe and anything over $200 is encouraged to be kept at home or at your bank. We are not responsible for large sums of money or valuables)
  • Any necessary Medical Documents you would like us to have upon admission (Previous Labs, Discharge Summary, Allergy Record etc..)

How to Pack for Your Stay:

  • Clothes for activities ranging from resting on our deck, hiking, Yoga, and beach activities
  • Toiletry items that have not been opened and are alcohol/aerosol free
  • Reading material related to aiding the recovery process
  • If a smoker, please bring cigarettes in unopened packs
  • Sunscreen that has not been opened and is alcohol/aerosol free 
  • Cell phone and Laptops will be limited (Clinical Team decides when it is best to reengage with electronics) and best left at home to fully engage in the detox/recovery process
  • All supplements will need to be approved by treating MD before being administered 
  • Electric Shavers (Disposables will be kept in our contraband)

What To Leave At Home:

  • Toiletries that contain alcohol or aerosol
  • Any sort of outside food
  • Revealing Clothing  
  • Any blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals
  • Supplements that are considered substances
  • No Weapons of Any Kind

We will provide any necessity that is forgotten. Our high-end facility makes sure that every client is as comfortable as possible

We Work With Most Major Insurance Providers

The 90210 Recovery admissions team works 24/7 to ensure that we can help as many people struggling with substance abuse as we can. Verify your benefits now and we’ll get back to you right away.

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