We Can Help You With Your Substance Abuse Treatment

Alcohol rehab facility in Upper MacungieOnce you’ve decided to steer clear of drugs and get help from an alcohol rehab center, you need to have a simple and clear process on how to go about it. At the 90210 Recovery Center, we deliver clear and accurate information on the program types, treatment methods, and financial expectations to make sure that you are comfortable in the recovery process. 

We work together to identify the unique needs you may have and provide you with the best solutions for your addiction to ensure you have the best chances at making a recovery.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Placement

Similar to drug treatment, alcohol rehab can be very overwhelming and unnerving. You can easily get confused by the many programs offered by various rehab centers. At the 90210 Recovery, we offer treatment programs that are personalized by ensuring that we first get to the very bottom of the addiction problem. 

We perform an assessment test first to identify any underlying issues that may cause a challenge to the recovery process.

The Right Alcohol Rehab  Program For You

We understand that many times, detox or rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol is far more difficult than simply quitting a habit. There is much more involved including real-life issues such as work, school, and relationships, besides the psychological and physical hindrances. We also understand the issue of budgeting for rehab and the insurance restraints that come with paying for rehab. 

We work tirelessly with each individual to identify the program that is suitable for their needs to ensure the success of the programs.

The Importance of Alcohol Detoxification

The body undergoes various stages, some minor and some major, during the detox process. There are no signs to warn you of oncoming dangerous withdrawal symptoms. 

Constant medical monitoring and supervision are therefore highly recommended during the detox process.

The medical team will provide you with 24-hour care and are prepared and experienced for any problems that come with alcohol withdrawal. The physicians also provide medication to relieve the withdrawal symptoms for a safer recovery.

 Alcohol detox symptoms last about a week and will be in three phases.

Upper Macungie rehab services Phase 1: This phase commences about 6-8 hours after having the last drink. The symptoms manifested during this phase are insomnia, abdominal pain, nausea, and anxiety. The medical team may at this point administer medication to relieve the symptoms and calm the nervous system

Phase 2: Starts around 24 hours after the last drink. You start experiencing new and more serious symptoms such as elevated temperatures, high blood pressure, and haziness or confusion. These symptoms last a few days and are closely monitored by a physician.

Phase 3: Hallucinations, seizures and extreme agitation mark the third phase of detox, which begin around 72 hours of having the last drink. At this point, the brain receptors are still damaged and not working properly but as the body begins to adapt to this new norm, the symptoms start to fade.

Depending on the severity of drinking and the amount of drinks one had been taking, major symptoms of alcohol addiction may start to weaken about a week after the detox program. Minor symptoms, however, can take months to finally wear off.

Our Methodology

Our experienced team of specialists works with you to identify the legal liabilities, and payment plans, and real-life problems that one could be dealing with such as childcare and employment. Our Inpatient program is geared towards helping you deal with any issues that may hinder your recovery.

The 90210 Recovery Center: With You Every Step of the Way

Alcohol detox is not something you should have to go through alone. Medical professionals highly advise against it. You need to be under the supervision of a team that understands the process and the effects it has on a patient. 90210 Recovery team will get you safely through the detox process and start you off with the treatment.

To make sure that you reach sobriety, reach out to us and we will walk this path with you. Our programs will provide the right tools to help you get through addiction. You will also learn the right skills to prevent relapse and maintain sobriety as a life-long goal.

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