Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment in Toledo Alcohol Rehabs

Known for its glass manufacturing history, Toledo is popularly known as “The Glass City.” It is located in northwest Ohio, lying on the Ohio/Michigan border. It is the fourth most populated city in Ohio, with an urban population of about 600,000. It is a known fact that a significant number of people in Toledo struggle with alcohol abuse.

Residents of Toledo continuously battle the adverse effects of alcohol addiction as it is the second-most abused substance after heroin. According to the Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring agency (OSAM), alcohol is used as a secondary substance of abuse combined with other substances, such as opioids.

Alcohol Abuse and Addiction in Toledo

With the rising number of alcohol abusers in Toledo, people who struggle with alcohol use disorders may feel that treatment is too far out of their reach and continue to suffer alone despite wanting to halt the alcohol misuse.

Alcohol Rehab Centers

There are also reports of numerous deaths that occur from people driving under the influence of alcohol in Toledo. The reports from the Ohio State Highway Patrol stated that about 30 percent of all traffic accidents in 2016 involved alcohol. 

Dangers of Alcohol Abuse and How Alcohol Rehabs Help

The potential dangers of alcohol abuse depend on the length of time of the abuse. However, no matter the amount of alcohol is being misused, it is capable of negatively influencing a person’s life. Alcohol abuse and addiction can affect every facet of an individual’s life, including their emotional, social, mental, spiritual, and physical health.

Alcohol abuse and addiction may cause interpersonal issues and play a part in destroying personal and social relationships. It also leads to irresponsible behavior, which results in loss of jobs and dropping out of school. 

Being under alcohol influence increases the likelihood of accidental injuries, mental health disorders, mood swings, and even death. These problems mostly occur if someone abuses alcohol chronically for a long period of time.

Chronic alcohol abuse can lead to irreversible damage to the body’s major organs, including the liver, kidney, and brain. When the brain adapts to the changes caused by prolonged alcohol use, it undergoes structural changes that influence the voluntary choice to continue to abuse alcohol.

Recovery begins when you admit to having a problem

The disease of addiction can easily affect not only the person abusing alcohol but also those close to them. People who are addicted to alcohol tend to neglect their responsibilities and sometimes become abusive to those close to them. 

Pregnant women who continue to abuse alcohol experience an increased risk of their child developing a condition in which infants are born with alcohol addiction. Another dangerous facet of alcohol abuse and addiction is the risk of overdose and possible death. 

When too much alcohol is consumed, it may cause alcohol poisoning and potentially result in death. The most effective way to avoid these dangers is to open up about your situation and seek professional treatment.

Many alcohol abusers are afraid to ask for help for fear of judgment. However, in our addiction treatment facilities, we offer you help without judging you.

The 90210 Recovery Alcohol Rehab Programs in Toledo

Personalized alcohol addiction treatment is a key component of the treatment program at our Toledo Alcohol Rehab. At 90210 Recovery, we understand that each patient has an exceptional recovery process, and we are here to offer them our full support. The various treatment plans available in our Toledo alcohol rehab can accommodate and assist patients with various types of addictions.

People who are addicted to alcohol tend to neglect their responsibilities

The 90210 Recovery centers in Toledo are located in exquisite and serene environments that provide guests with beautiful scenery and a peaceful atmosphere. This location gives patients a home-away-from-home sort of feeling and helps to speed up the recovery process. 

The addiction treatment options we offer at our Toledo alcohol rehabs include:

  • Co-occurring disorder treatment (dual-diagnosis)
  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Detoxification 
  • Therapy 
  • Gender-specific treatment programs 
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Aftercare and alumni programs

In addition to the usual treatment types, we also offer personalized evidence-based treatment, such as recreational therapy, animal therapy, and art classes. It is essential for patients in addiction recovery to find hobbies and other activities to keep them occupied and help them get a picture of what life will look like after inpatient treatment. 

The personalized treatment approach at our Toledo alcohol rehab helps us to assess the special needs of each patient who comes to us for treatment. Additionally, our team is always on the residence to offer any assistance for our patients. 

They also ensure that the patients are closely monitored when undergoing withdrawal symptoms to ease their discomfort and make their recovery journey as easy as possible. If you or your loved one needs help to recover from alcohol abuse, we are available 24/7. All you have to do is give us a call, and you will be on your way to getting your life back.

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