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How To Convince Someone To Go To Rehab

According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, substance abuse disorders affect 20 million Americans 12 years and older. If you’re loved one is suffering from an addiction, they need to get help from a drug rehab center. The only hard part is, how do you get an addict to see that they need help? 

Mental illness and addiction are two of the most difficult diseases to treat. The addict’s denial is often so strong that they refuse to get help. They can isolate themselves which makes it difficult for loved ones to convince them to go to rehab.

Understand Your Loved One’s Addiction

There are many ways that you can try and convince someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol that they need professional help. You can offer them a safe space, give them some time, or offer them a chance at recovery. They may not be aware they have this option. 

You may also be able to provide an addict with the resources they need by giving them food or clothing if they need it. By building trust with your loved ones, they’ll take what you say to heart. 

Approaching them with patience and care is the best way to get them the help they deserve. If you approach with any hostility, they won’t listen to what you’re saying. If you come from a place of love, they’ll be more receptive to your opinion about getting them to a drug rehabilitation facility. 

Find A Luxury Drug Rehab Center That Works 

As much as familial support is great, addicts need guidance that family can’t give. They can get professional help at places like luxury drug treatment centers. Luxury rehab centers offer better quality services than standard ones. These luxury rehab centers offer 24/7 medical services to addicts. Having help anytime they need it comes in handy when recovering from an addiction. 

Finding the best luxury drug rehab center that works for you and your family can be difficult. However, there are a few things to consider when comparing the different centers in your area. 

In order to find a luxury drug rehab center that meets your needs and expectations, consider asking your admissions counselor these important questions:

  • What is the length of the program?
  • What is the staff to resident ratio? 
  • Is the rehab center in a safe location?
  • What is their philosophy?
  • Does the program teach necessary life skills (ie – sober skills)?
  • Are the recovery treatment plans individualized for every resident?
  • Is the facility licensed and accredited?
  • Does the rehab center treat addicts with dual diagnoses?
  • Is the program gender specific?
  • Does the rehab center take my insurance?
  • Can the family see the addict during the program?
  • Does the rehab center offer programs that are inpatient, outpatient, or both?

Asking all of these questions ensures you are knowledgeable in your decision about which rehab to go to. Finding a rehab center is the easy part. The trickiest part about rehab is convincing an addict to go get help.

It’s more than likely they believe they don’t need it. Addicts can also believe they can beat their demons by themselves. No addict ever recovers without some form of professional help. 

How To Get An Addict To Rehab 

If you’re looking for a luxury drug rehab center that works, look no further. Addiction is an epidemic that is ravaging the world and it’s not slowing down. But, if you want to find a rehab center that actually works, then 90210’s luxury rehab facility is perfect for your loved one!

Make the first call to improve their life. Call 877-839-6775  or fill out this form to speak to an admissions counselor at your earliest convenience. We can help develop an appropriate plan to get your loved ones the help they need now.


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