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Can I Work While in Rehab?

Addicts might want to keep working while attending rehab for a variety of reasons. 

There are business owners and top-level executives whose presence is critical to the survival of their organization. Others might be motivated by a desire to remain anonymous. 

Regardless of the circumstances, having to pull the brakes while you attend rehab may very well serve as a deterrent. Perhaps this is an excuse for not getting sober. 

But does it have to be? Or can you work while in rehab? Let’s have a look!

Attending Rehab While Working

Can you work while in rehab? You can, in a nutshell. It is possible to attend rehab while working. But you should really ask yourself, do you have/want to?

Depending on the individual case, only the recovering addict and his or her rehab counselor can determine whether or not it is feasible to work while in rehab.

The majority of addicts can achieve sobriety while still working. However, taking time off to be able to heal or at least detox can make a world of difference to their recovery.

Consider all options before returning to work while in rehab and speak with a rehab counselor. 

There are laws that protect employees from being laid off from work while in recovery. 

There is always someone that could help you get covered. In addition, money can be borrowed, etc.

Make sure you cover all your bases before making a decision.

Ways to Work While Attending Rehab

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient treatment is probably the easiest option when it comes to working while in rehab.

Patients can return home after their therapy and treatments are completed in an outpatient setting.

Outpatient treatment offers patients the flexibility to walk in and out of rehab. Therefore, everything comes down to scheduling.

Patients might be able to coordinate with the rehab center and their jobs to find a schedule that works for their recovery and their job.

Working Remotely

Some people may not be able to work remotely, but for those who have the luxury, it might be an appealing prospect. 

Those wishing to work while in rehab may be able to attend inpatient rehab while balancing work responsibilities.

A lot of rehab centers are designed with your comfort in mind, and many of them include WIFI and areas in which you can work remotely without disturbing others. 

When it comes to inpatient rehabs, remote work makes the most sense since recovering addicts must remain in the facility. 

However, with the right qualifications, a work-release permit may be available for patients who wish to attend work in inpatient rehab and can’t do it remotely.

Employment Protection

There are many reasons why employees might want to avoid rehab, but fear of losing their job or not being able to take time off shouldn’t be one of them.

Employees in the United States are protected by law from losing their employment if they take time off for rehab.

Americans seeking recovery are protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

An employee receiving substance abuse treatment from a healthcare provider is entitled to a leave of absence under FMLA law. However, the FMLA act doesn’t apply to addicts who are abusing substances or recovering from substance abuse episodes. 

Addicts are therefore not protected from missing work because of a wild night of drug use. However, the law provides them with some protection if they need time off for sobriety.

It is imperative to keep in mind that all laws contain caveats and legal loopholes. Thus, it’s always a smart idea to check your employment contract and speak with a legal advisor or someone from the U.S. Department of Labor prior to making a move. 

In a similar manner, the ADA protects addicts who are in recovery from drug use from workplace discrimination. Nevertheless, it does not protect addicts who are not in recovery.

Are Rehabs Flexible When it Comes to Work?

Now that you know if you can work while in rehab, you might want to find a rehab that offers flexibility when it comes to working.

Not all rehabs may be as lenient when it comes to it. Some might prefer the addict to take time off and focus on healing from their addiction. 

While this is certainly the best option, working with a rehab that has the expertise to evaluate the situation from a medical perspective is critical if you want to work while in rehab.

90210 Recovery has some of the best recovery experts in Beverly Hills, California, and gives patients the flexibility to work from rehab when their condition merits it.

Contact 90210 Recovery today and find out if you can work while in rehab.


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