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Can I Bring My Cell Phone into Rehab?

Can you have a cell phone in rehab? If you’ve been wondering if your mobile companion can come with you to rehab then you are not alone.

In fact, this is one of the most pressing questions that admission counselors receive from prospects.

After all, cell phones have practically become an extension of ourselves. They have become so much more than just a way to connect with others. Rapidly evolving as our wallets, our photo albums, our banking devices, and so much more.

But cell phones are also the way addicts call their drug dealers, bad company, and codependent relationships. Which is why some rehabs might want to keep them at bay.

But can you have a cell phone in rehab? Let’s have a look.

Do Rehabs Allow Cell Phones?

Rehabs are as varied as their patients, they truly come in all sizes and colors. Therefore, each rehab center will have its own regulation about mobile devices.

For the most part, rehabs prefer that cell phones might be left at the door. Cell phones can distract patients from their recovery, but they can also promote unwanted communications with the outside world.

For example, an addict might use their phone to find a way to get drugs or alcohol into the facility. They might also connect the addict with bad influences who might hinder their recovery efforts, like an ex-girlfriend or a fellow addict that might not wish to lose their drug pal.

Phones in rehabs could also be used to violate the privacy of others, which could aggravate other recovering addicts. Videos and photos taken inside the facility could end up in social media or the press which would place the privacy of others at risk. This is particularly true in rehabs that might host A-listers and other celebrities. 

There might also be legal implications that could lead to malpractice if the footage is recorded, which is another reason why some rehabs might prohibit mobile devices within their premises.

Rehabs that don’t allow cell phones on their premise might also not allow other personal devices such as computers. In some cases, WIFI is not even available in the building.

If you are unsure, then the best way to find out is to contact a representative at the rehab center ahead of time to confirm.

Some rehabs might allow cellphones use after the addict achieves certain milestones. In short, each facility is different, so it’s always best to ask upfront.

How to Call Home From Rehab?

I know what you are thinking—”if I can’t bring my cell phone with me, then how can I keep in touch with my loved ones?”

Not having your mobile device does not mean you will not be able to call home or be completely cut off from the outside world. Phones are available in the facility that can be used to call your loved ones.

TV’s in the facility can also be used to keep up with news and what happens in the outside world. 

Visits from your loved ones are also allowed during rehab. Therefore, you will also be able to connect with your family in person.

Rehabs That Allow Cell Phones

Executive rehab, or rehabs for working professionals, are one of the most common rehabilitation centers that allow cellphone use.

These rehabs specialize in serving the needs of busy executives or business owners that might need to stay on top of their businesses while they gain sobriety.

Executive rehabs also provide flexibility when it comes to working remotely and might even provide dedicated spaces for patients to carry out their labor. They might also include internet access and conference rooms.

How to Find Rehabs That Allow Cell Phones

Finding a rehab that allows cell phones can be daunting. Most rehab facilities will not publish their mobile phone and technology regulations on their website. 

If you need to ask, it’s best to be prepared and get a thorough examination of their policy prior to your arrival. 

Some key questions to ask the admissions department might include

  • Can patients have cell phones or other tech devices?
  • If not, can they regain use of them after a certain milestone?
  • Are there landlines/community phones available to call family members?
  • What’s their landline/community phone policy?
  • How can patients stay in touch with their loved ones?
  • Are visits allowed?
  • Are visits allowed during detox?
  • Who can my family contact if they need to reach out to me?
  • Are there computers available to be used in the facility?
  • If yes, do they have any restrictions?

Finding Rehabs That Allow Cell Phones

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Can you have a cell phone in rehab? Contact 90210 Recovery and find out!


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