Waterford alcohol addiction treatmentDepending on your needs, there are several recovery services available if you require treatment for addiction. The treatment programs can be customized according to your recovery needs at 90210 Recovery Center.  Depending on your needs that are assessed and after a consultation with you about you, addiction can be handled in a residential or non-residential setting. Most individuals are treated in non-residential settings. A number of the services available at 90210 for treatment include:

  • Detoxification
  • Addiction counseling
  • Programs for Residential
  • Group meetings

For extra assistance, in case you have psychological health issues, you could visit your local psychological health facilities. You could be referred back for continuing care, according to your treatment requirements.


Detoxification reduces the physical craving for addiction that is a symptom of alcohol. Detoxification does not deal with addiction-related psychological problems, so more assistance is typically provided after detoxification is completed. You should speak to your doctor in case you experience any unfamiliar problem.

Under the care of professional medics or on an in-patient basis, detoxification may take place on an out-patient basis, depending on your assessed needs. Self-detoxification can bring risks and you should always get a professional’s advice.

  • Addiction counseling
  • Addiction counselors can provide:
  • Onward referral to treatment services
  • Short-term intervention
  • Counseling (like cognitive behavioral therapy)
  •  An assessment
  •  Information

Counseling could be provided on a personal basis or through group counseling. In addition to addiction psychotherapy, community care facilities could offer other related options. The issues that dependence shows in relationships could be addressed in couple’s treatment or family treatment or in support groups for other individuals who have been affected.

Group meetings

There are groups that provide people suffering from addiction with assistance. In general, groups are free of charge. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous are examples (NA).

Help groups for family members impacted by problematic alcohol use are also available.

Programs for Residential Treatment in Waterford

Alcohol and Detox treatment programs in WaterfordYou are taken away from your normal life through residential care and access to alcohol or narcotics. Treatment is given at a specialist hospital on an in-patient basis. In general, programs may have a limited number of participants. 

Private Facilities of Care

Private recovery programs are not free of charge and, depending on the program, costs differ. Private health insurance can cover these costs. Contact the service provider for more information on access to private care facilities. Some of the best private services include 90210 Recovery treatment center where you get the best addiction treatment by trained professionals.

Options for Counseling and Recovery

We also clarified in the What to Expect’ section that a complete review of your needs will be carried out during your first meeting. The following are the different choices for counseling & recovery that will be explored, explained, and accepted with you afterward.

Every individual has a unique personality and responds in various ways to various forms of help. We at 90210 Recovery are pleased to start your individual therapy or a more comprehensive treatment program and if necessary to make changes to it over time according to the changing needs of each individual. 

Our medical professionals and well-trained staff empathize with your situation and support you all round the clock to ensure that your recovery is as smooth as possible. Contact us today at (844)462-8571.  

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