At 90210 Recovery, we recognize the value of each person that walks through their doors. We address the multiple needs of our patients and help them achieve their goals.

Some of the services offered by 90210 Recovery include addiction education, relapse prevention, specialty groups, conflict resolution, illness management, life skills and recovery, family sessions, health and nutrition education, yoga/mindfulness practice. 

Alcohol Rehab Treatment Programs in Upper Darby 

Alcohol Rehab Treatment Options: Alcoholism

 Inpatient Drug Rehab and Detox The goal of treating alcoholism is abstinence. Those with poor motivation, poor social support, or psychiatric disorders tend to relapse back to addiction within a few years of treatment.

For these individuals, success is measured by reduced use of alcohol, longer periods of abstinence, improved social functioning, and better health. Recovery and sobriety Maintenance are usually based on 12 step programs and AA meetings.

Dual Diagnosis as an Alcohol Rehab Treatment Option

Most of the people suffering from addiction also suffer from emotional and mental illnesses like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, or anxiety disorders. 

Rehab and other substance misuse facilities treating those with a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis administer psychiatric treatment to address the person’s mental health problem in addition to alcohol or drug rehabilitation.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Combined substance abuse and mental health rehab in Upper Darby has the staff and resources required to handle people with both substance abuse and mental health issues. It can be challenging to determine where a specific symptom stems, so substance abuse and mental health professionals are helpful in detangling symptoms and keeping treatment on track.

Opioid Addiction

Opioid rehabs in Upper Darby specialize in supporting those recovering from opioid addiction. They treat patients suffering from addiction to illegal opioids such as heroin, as well as prescription medications like oxycodone. These centers typically combine both physical, mental, and emotional support to help stop substance addiction. 

Physical support often includes medical detoxification and subsequent medical support, and mental support includes in-depth therapy to address the underlying triggers of addiction.

Levels of Drug Rehab care: 

Medically Assisted Detox:

Upper Darby rehab centersDrug addiction and alcoholism often take a heavy toll on one’s body. Over time, a physical dependence can develop, meaning the body physiologically requires the substance to function.

Detoxification is the process of removing drugs and/or alcohol from the body system, a process that can be life-threatening if mismanaged. 

Medical detoxification is done by licensed medical specialists in drug and alcohol rehabs in Upper Darby, who monitor vital signs and keep you safe, healthy, and as comfortable as possible as you go through detoxification and withdrawal.

Inpatient Rehab Program:

Residential addiction treatment programs are those facilities that offer housing and meals in addition to substance abuse treatment. Upper Darby rehab centers that offer residential treatment allow individuals to focus solely on recovery in an environment totally separate from their lives.

Some Upper Darby rehab rehabs specialize in short-term residential treatment, while others solely offer treatment on a long-term basis. Some offer both and tailor treatment to the patient’s individual requirements. 

Sober Living Homes: Inpatient Drug Rehab and Detox 

Upper Darby rehab centersSober Living Houses (SLHs), aka halfway houses or sober homes, are safe, substance-free, supportive living facilities for people recovering from substance abuse. 

Ideal for those who’ve just completed inpatient or outpatient treatment, SLHs are supervised environments with rules supporting sobriety, such as shared chores, curfews, and therapeutic meetings. 

Residents are also trained in coping skills and life skills to make it easier to transition into society. SLHs also offers a strong sense of community that can lead to the kind of deep and lasting connections with other sober people that supports a new, healthy lifestyle.  

Drug Rehab and Alcohol Detox: Aftercare Support 

Completing an alcohol or drug rehab program shouldn’t spell the end of substance abuse treatment. Aftercare services involve making a sustainable plan for recovery, including ongoing support. This can include sober living arrangements like career counseling, halfway houses, and setting a patient up with community programs like Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

Get Started Today at a Drug Rehab Detox Near Me 

You can seek help in drug rehab in Upper Darby, but seeking traveling to our inpatient facility in Beverly, California, can be more beneficial. We offer a continuum of drug rehab programs, including medical detox, inpatients programs, outpatient programs, intensive outpatient programs, Partial Hospitalization Programs. 

We also offer aftercare services through our sober living and alumni programs. Our drug and alcohol rehab is located in Hollywood, Florida. We admit patients struggling with drug and alcohol addiction from across the United States. Contact us today and start your recovery journey, or get your free insurance quote today.

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