Drug Rehab, New CanaanSet in the Northeast part of New York City, this is a small town with a population of 19, 738. It is famous for its signature town center, historic farmhouses, the wide range of architecture from the Harvard Five modern homes, and its excellent public school system. Connecticut has the leading number of substance use amongst the youth with the number of binge-drinkers being higher in Fairfield County than anywhere else in the state. 

For people dealing with drug addiction, the solution is seeking help from a renowned drug rehab facility that will provide the necessary treatment and skills to help you attain and stay sober.

We are that facility. The 90210 Recovery Center, Located in Beverly Hills, California is the best chance at recovering from drug addiction. You need not worry about being away from home as our facility provides the best amenities to make you feel comfortable and at home.

Addiction Treatment In Canaan, CT

Treating addiction is not a walk in the park. The process involves treatment plans that are intensive but effective. Treating addiction requires that the patient is committed and focused on the cause if they are to make a full recovery. Residents of Canaan that feel frustrated with searching for the right drug rehab centers for their addiction need not search any further. Come to 90210 Recovery for the much-deserved help.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Programs

Drug Treatment Centers, New CanaanOnce you quit using drugs or alcohol, you will experience some very serious withdrawal symptoms. Some can be very uncomfortable and painful and risk one’s health. When you stop taking drugs or drinking alcohol, you can experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal can be painful and uncomfortable. It can also be a significant health risk.

Detox programs, which are a way of letting the body rid itself of the toxins and substances in the body allows the boy to start functioning without the help of drugs. A detox program will support you through the withdrawal. In a case where the withdrawal symptoms are severe, medication can be administered to ease the symptoms and provide a little comfort. This process should take place in a treatment facility where one is under the supervision and monitoring of the professionals.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Also known as Residential treatment programs offers a sober and therapeutic environment free of drugs and alcohol. You attend individual and group counseling within a daily schedule that is structured.

During this program, you receive treatment plans designed to meet your individual needs. Inpatient treatment programs offer comfortable, therapeutic, and healing environments for their patients to increase the chances of recovery and maintaining life-long sobriety.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment(MAT) treats addiction using a combination of education, medication behavioral supports, and evidence-based counseling.

Research done by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) indicates that MAT helps people with tobacco, opioid, and alcohol addiction to quit the use of these substances and attain sobriety.

 MAT is used in both residential and outpatient treatment programs.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

 New Canaan Drug Addiction TreatmentAn addiction habit does not develop overnight. A treatment plan should also be over a lengthy amount of time to ensure that the desired results are achieved.

Once the residential treatment program is complete, we also offer continued support in the form of aftercare and alumni services. 

Aftercare services could include partial hospitalization which is a step-down from inpatient care and also intensive outpatient programs. 

Alumni services allow for various people that have already left the facility or are in the aftercare program to meet and share their experiences and challenges to help inspire and motivate those still in recovery. These programs could include AA meetings and access to community resources, peer groups, and counseling.

Length Of Addiction Treatment

The longer one is in treatment, the longer your chances of recovery are. For patients that are dealing with mild cases of addiction, they may be enrolled in a 30-day treatment program. For people that have used for longer, and are dealing with severe addiction, it is advisable to have a treatment program that lasts 120 days or more to allow time to address all the issues that could be causing this addiction.

We Are Here For You

We at the 90210 Recovery Center understand that addiction is not an easy journey. We acknowledge that seeking treatment is the first bold step that you could make if you are looking to live a drug-free life. We are here to hold your hand during the treatment and give you the skills to take on life as a drug and alcohol-free member of society.

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Aftercare Services

Medication-Assisted Treatment