Alcohol addiction treatment in MadisonIn the United States, Wisconsin is labeled as one of the drunkest states. At least once in a month, 1 in 4 adults indulges in binge drinking. Major cities in Wisconsin such as Milwaukee and Green Bay struggle with high rates of drug and alcohol abuse. Similarly, a majority of Madison residents are trapped in substance dependency. Over 3,497 hospitalization cases per 100,000 people due to alcoholism was reported. Cases of driving while under the influence of alcohol has also been on the rise in Madison.

Hospitalizations due to drug abuse and overdose in Madison have been rampant as 963 cases in 100,000 people were reported in the previous years. With soaring numbers, the use of illicit substances such as heroin and methamphetamines has increased. In June 2017, 11 individuals died as a result of heroin overdoses in Madison. In July the same year, 35 people succumbed to abuse of opioids. 

Madison alcohol rehab has been at the forefront in ensuring everyone struggling with substance dependence gets help. Addiction has damaged the lives of many people due to health issues, poor financial decisions, loss of families and friends, depression, loss of control in life, among many other problems.

Opioid Abuse in Madison

Despite the rates of dependency on alcohol being high, opioids have significant effects in Madison. This is a result of overdose and abuse of prescription opioids which has led many residents to addiction unknowingly. One can easily move from a tolerance level to a medication dependence level. Medical experts commonly prescribe this substance to patients to soothe severe pain and discomfort. However, some people use it to combat mental disorders and emotional frustrations. Due to the abuse of opioids, many people end up being addicted to fentanyl and heroin as they are less expensive.

Individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 are the most exposed to the dangers of prescription opioid and synthetic abuse, according to research conducted in Madison. Due to the high student population in this area. The future of many youths is in jeopardy due to the rampant abuse of drugs and alcohol. Many tend to mix cocaine with illicit opioids such as heroin for a stronger effect exposing themselves to serious health conditions.

State of the art Madison alcohol rehab has been designed to provide ultimate comfortability and care for the patient to ensure a successful recovery and reduce the chances of relapse. A team of medical experts plays a big role in ensuring the patients are well taken care of and given the appropriate medication to suit their various needs.

 Alcohol and Drug Withdrawal in Madison

Withdrawal is a challenging process and should be carried out under close supervision by medical professionals. People using prescription opioids such as Oxytocin, Dilaudid, or codeine may be offered reduced amounts of doses to facilitate an easy transition to sobriety; this process is referred to as tapering. Addicts of illicit substances are offered medications to reduce the effects of withdrawal symptoms. 

Madison alcohol rehab centersCold turkey detoxification exposes the body to a challenging situation in an attempt to restore the system quickly to its original state. Withdrawal symptoms could last between 3 hours and six months, depending on the substance being abused. Some of the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawals include agitation, anxiety, diarrhea, sweating, tremors, seizures, insomnia, muscle spasms, and even death in severe scenarios. Medical care and support at Madison alcohol rehab are vital in reducing these severe effects.

Individuals who attempt to quit the use of a substance and start their journey towards sobriety at their homes may find it challenging due to a lack of appropriate guidance and medication. A rehab facility is equipped with all the required facilities and amenities necessary for an easy and comfortable recovery process. Seeking medical help from experts allows those struggling with drug dependence to transform their lifestyle to a more fulfilling one through access to group therapies where they interact with people from all walks of life.

Unlike the traditional medications offered at regular rehabs, luxurious Madison alcohol rehab provides a holistic treatment that integrates the body as well as the mind to ensure long term sobriety. Patients make long-lasting connections. Unique therapy sessions focus on healing inner trauma that could have led to addiction.

Don’t let alcohol and drug addiction take control of your life. Make a bold decision today! Call us at 90210 Recovery Group and start your journey of recovery.

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