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How Does Sober Living Work?

Getting sober is no easy feat, it requires a lot of support, guidance, and willfulness to be able to reach substance independence. As it’s said in AA “all we have is today” – every day and every minute counts in sobriety, particularly those weeks and months during which addicts are still easing their mind, body, and spirit into a new way of living.

It can’t be stressed enough how important the environment is during the first six to twelve months of recovery. Living in a drug-free and peaceful environment is key to the maintenance of a healthy recovery. A destructive and negative living environment can easily derail the addict from their new healthy path. Emerging yourself fully into a sober program and surrounding yourself with the right support can make the difference between staying sober, or finding yourself back in the races – painfully waiting for the next bottom to kick you back into recovery.

Sober living is a program for addicts in recovery, where they can temporarily join a sober living house and receive the support they need to stay on the right track until new and strong sober habits are formed.
If you or a loved one has been wondering – How does a sober living house work? Then wonder no more, this article will dig deep into it all.

How does a sober living house work?

You may have heard of rehab centers, halfway houses, and residential inpatient centers before, these are all types of sober living homes that differ in their approach.

Sober living homes are houses where those trying to overcome the struggles of addiction can find a supportive and substance-free environment. They differ from their counterparts in that they tend to be less restrictive. Patients can leave the premises freely as most of them have already completed a rehabilitation program. Think of it as a safe place to surround yourself with the right environment until you feel comfortable enough to venture into the world on your own.

The length during which patients stay in sober living homes is much longer than rehab centers or halfway homes.

Sober living houses tend to have a positive ambiance. They are located in peaceful quiet areas with green spaces and staffed with supportive peers and counselors who offer counseling services 24/7. The features of a sober living home vary greatly from one to another, some of the best sober living houses offer luxurious accommodations with a wellness-focused environment that can almost feel like a staycation.

Ultimately, the intent is to place the addict in an environment that will keep him or her away from temptation and provide the tools they need to come back to the world feeling healthy, safe, and renewed.

How does a sober living house work then? By being a shelter and a support structure that will help addicts on their road to recovery.

Does sober living work?

The honeymoon phase of sobriety, also known as the pink cloud can be euphoric, however, it’s a delicate time during which the addict is extra susceptible to relapsing, staying in a sober living house tends to be one of the best ways to overcome failure during this difficult period. 

A study carried out on the results of sober living shows that residents of sober living homes had improvements in alcohol and drug use, arrests, psychiatric symptoms, and employment. The same study shows that residents were able to maintain improvements after leaving the sober living home.

How does sober living work for me or my loved ones?

If you or a loved one suffering from addiction has been pondering the question – Does sober living work?

Then you should know by now. It does! It provides you with invaluable support during such a valuable time of transition.

What’s the next step then? Seek help! Trying to help someone with addiction on your own is a hurdle most are not prepared to deal with. 90210 Recovery offers residential inpatient services to ensure you or your loved ones have the proper care they need.

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