Inpatient or residential alcohol rehab is a treatment program where patients live in the treatment center. Depending on their substance of addiction, the stay may be as short as 28 days or longer. Success rates are higher with inpatient rehab as a patient is completely removed from an environment that can cause temptation and relapses.

Residential treatment is also a bit pricey as it includes accommodation and meals but for most people, it is the most effective form of treatment.

Living with Addiction

Anyone struggling with addiction can testify to how difficult and challenging it is. An addict is constantly searching for the thrill of the substance and once it wears off, they are left wanting more. This cycle becomes a person’s major focus of attention and energy. For some, it gets so bad that it strains relationships at home, and causes financial, and even work-related problems. 

Real Help for Addiction

Addiction treatment, HazeltonThe most effective plan for beating addiction is looking for a treatment center that has trained and experienced professionals to treat your addiction. 

An alcohol rehab center that provides a residential program is the best choice for individuals that are serious about ending their addiction habits. 

These programs provide structured treatment plans that include therapy and detox for an all-round recovery and to help achieve long-term sobriety

At 90210 recovery, we provide our patients with a residential rehab program in a secluded and beautiful setting. Our clients get to experience and enjoy home-like and comfortable amenities while receiving treatment. 90210 Recovery center is a safe and secure haven for patients that want a therapeutic and confidential rehab experience.

On top of the standard inpatient residential detox and residential treatment, we also offer our guests other treatment services that help them on their journey to recovery.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Program Benefits

Research has shown that people who attend inpatient treatment programs generally have higher chances of making a full recovery in comparison to people that choose other treatment programs. The first benefit of the residential treatment program is the structure that makes it easier for people to fall into a daily routine. Inpatient rehab also helps to completely remove patients from environments that may cause temptations and trigger relapses.

Inpatient programs offer around the clock medical monitoring and supervision. During the first weeks of treatment, the body undergoes many changes and it is, therefore, crucial to have the attention and support of medical staff. 

A well balanced and nutritious meal helps the body to recover more quickly. This is during the residential treatment program, healthy meals are provided to ensure people remain healthy during the treatment period.

Some other benefits of inpatient programs include:

  • Therapy sessions are available daily
  • One can build a support system
  • Gives patients a conducive environment to focus on their recovery
  • Constant support from medical and clinical staff and even peers.

Therapy is a  very effective way for people to learn about addiction. They identify triggers and also address the causes of their addictions. These therapy sessions are all part of the inpatient treatment program and are more intensive than those provided in other levels of care.

What Comes After Inpatient Alcohol Rehab?

When the inpatient treatment program is complete, it does not indicate the end of treatment. Many rehabs offer programs such as partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs which continue to provide support to the patient as they get reintegrated back into the community. These programs may seem similar to the outpatient programs but they offer more structure such as extra visits for therapy.

Let 90210 Recovery Help You With Your Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Rehabilitation in HazletonAt 90210 Recovery, we put your needs first. We focus on giving you a friendly and safe environment where you can focus solely on healing. We create individualized treatment plans to address the patient’s unique needs.

We provide a home-like environment and give each patient the attention and care they deserve. We treat all aspects of a patient from their spirit, mind to their bodies.

Do not waste time and resources at centers that will not provide you with quality services and programs to give you life-long sobriety. Come to 90210 where quality treatment is a guarantee

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