Drug rehab facility in FreeportPeople have unique struggles with drug addiction and this includes the people of Freeport. This is to means that each person’s addiction journey should be treated individually and uniquely based on their journey with substance abuse and drug addiction. The drug problem in Freeport is alarming and for anyone suffering from addiction, continuing to live in the area can be a very dangerous decision. 

This is why we encourage anyone dealing with addiction to join us at the 90210 Recovery where you will be completely removed from an environment that can trigger a relapse. Finding an appropriate program is important to the success of your experience. With our intensive treatment programs at the 90210 Recovery Center, we offer the best services for anyone looking for addiction treatment.

Drug Detox Programs, Freeport

Detox is a  process that involves the body getting rid of the toxins and substances that have accumulated over time. The body uses the digestive system, kidneys, blood, and liver to carry out this process of relieving the body of any waste.                                                                               

Frequent or heavy use of drugs can cause this process to fall apart. The body can handle only a certain amount of substance at a time and what is left over causes several effects on the health of a person. 

Medical detox becomes important for this reason. During a medically-supervised detox program, a person will receive this type of care;

  • Access to emergency medical care if the need arises
  • Monitoring of vital signs such as breathing and heart rates
  • Support in tapering off substance use
  • Medication to ease withdrawal symptoms 

Drug addiction center, FreeportIn the drug detox program, one can choose to go for a rapid detox program that involves round-the-clock daily supervision and monitoring. A patient undergoing a rapid detox program will be sedated and given medication to lessen and alter the effects of withdrawal.

Some people may choose the ‘cold turkey’  method that is often done at home and without medication. This poses a lot of dangers to patients that are dealing with severe dependence on drugs.

Weaning off or tapering off a substance is another method of detoxing. Tapering works best for powerful drugs such as opiates. Replacing the effects of these substances with medications like methadone can increase the chances of a relapse.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment, Freeport

This is a treatment program that lets you live on-site at the drug rehab facility and receive round-the-clock supervision and therapy. You will have access to several therapeutic techniques such as experimental and behavioral therapies. 

Because you live at the facility, the professional team has access to you and the treatments are always available to help you identify behavioral and thinking patterns that need to be changed for you to make a full recovery.

Freeport Medication-Assisted Treatment

This is a type of treatment for opioids addiction that combines prescription medication with counseling. This combination of treatment curbs the effects of withdrawal to help you better focus on counseling and therapy.

Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment

This approach encourages the patient to include healing plans that support the person as a whole. This treatment allows a patient to improve their behaviors, attitudes, self-management, and self-worth, all of which impact addiction trends. Here are some of the ways holistic healing work;

  • It provides learning tools for behavioral control
  • Helps manage symptoms of mental health issues, insomnia, depression, and anxiety
  • Learning relapse and withdrawal prevention techniques
  • Learning how to maintain mental and physical health
  • Learning to decrease and manage stress
  • Learning coping skills and mechanisms

Drug Rehab Aftercare And Alumni Services

These services take many forms, such as outpatient counseling. Sober living homes, 12-step meetings, and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

 These programs are geared towards providing continued support after you’ve completed the inpatient program to help you maintain sobriety and achieve your recovery goals.

Length Of Stay at the Freeport Drug Rehab

Freeport Medication-assisted treatmentThe length of time you stay in a residential treatment center will highly determine the effectiveness of the treatment. Research has shown that the longer they stay, the higher the chances of recovery. Some of the common lengths one can stay at a rehab center are;

  • 120-day programs
  • 80-day programs
  • 60-day programs
  • 30-day programs
  • less than 30-day programs

How To Pay For Treatment in Freeport

It is always advisable to first check with the drug rehab you are joining and find out the type of payment plans they accept. Most insurance policies cover drug rehab but it is always best to check first. Know what they will pay for so that you can join a facility that is within your budget.

Starting Recovery 

For more information on the kind of treatments that 90210 Recovery offers, do not hesitate to reach out to us and speak to a specialist on this and other services that we offer. We are ready to serve you and walk with you through your recovery journey. Call us on (844) 462 8571

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