Evesham alcohol addiction treatmentIn Worcestershire county there are many drug recovery centers. Regardless of the degree of addiction, free or private care can be found in your neighborhood.

However, in the ideal facility, you can find the best available treatment program.

We will assist you by supplying you with all the knowledge and perspectives you need to choose the best care provider in Evesham, Bewdley, Pershore or anywhere else in Worcestershire.

Contact our experienced experts in or near Worcestershire today to find therapies for addiction and/or help for groups.

Private alcohol rehabs

Private recovery facilities are separate treatment facilities built to provide a friendly and customized treatment atmosphere for those wishing to conquer their dependency. These recovery services take between 28 to 90 days, customized to each customer’s needs. An experienced wellness and therapy team takes you through 24/7 treatment.

Private therapy provides the most important advantage of a personalized program that is customized to accommodate each patient. Private rehabilitation centers are also medical clinics, where medical detox, physical and mental therapy and psychological assistance can be obtained (if necessary).

Treatment comprises an in-depth evaluation to evaluate the particular therapeutic needs and detoxification to eliminate any toxins from your system as well as psychotherapy to address any psychological issues.

 Pros And Cons Of Private Rehab


  •         Know the root causes of dependency
  •         Privacy and secrecy assured
  •         Doctors & Therapeutic Experienced Team
  •         Safe and stable environment
  •         Personalized curriculum of recovery
  •         24/7 treatment & help medical detox
  •         Learn mutual preventive strategies
  •         Look, feel, sleep better & regain confidence
  •         1-year aftercare service complimentary


The cost may be a challenge, but should be balanced against long-term financial, physical and emotional addiction costs.

What’s the cost of Rehab?

Alcohol and Detox treatment programs in Evesham The cost of rehabilitation can be quoted between £1,200 – £2,600 a week but only after thorough consideration of your situation and requirements we may actually quote the accurate calculated figure. 

If you are in or near Worcestershire and you want to attend a private rehabilitation, email us so that you have access to all the information, including some cost information.

Treatment for NHS Addiction

NHS dependency recovery options are free and available in the local community, regardless of whether you live in Worcester, Tenbury Wells, or anywhere else. Therefore, if you cannot afford private rehabilitation, we will help you to explore and gain access in or near Worcestershire to accessible NHS treatment options

Pros And Cons Of NHS Treatment


 NHS care pros

  •         The law protects your confidentiality
  •         The programs are free of charge
  •         In your local neighborhood, you can access the service and therefore ensure comfort.

 Cons of NHS treatment

  •         There is a long waiting list that can delay your access to your required care
  •         You might not be called in an in-house rehabilitation
  •         You cannot contact your favorite therapist
  •         You would likely be treated by general physicians instead of addiction experts.
  •         For different aspects of your care you might have to visit various clinics
  •         You are exposed to stressors and causes that can slow your recovery as an outpatient patient
  •         It could be difficult to construct an outpatient support network

Help Groups for Addiction

Inpatient alcohol treatment in EveshamHelp groups are very helpful for the healing process. As a member of a community, you can share your personal experiences and receive emotional feedback and support when needed. 

Addicts with co-occurring psychiatric disorders such as depression could also be supported.

Other advantages of being in a treatment support group are:

  •         To be and collaborate with those who still aim for long-term sobriety
  •         Capacity to overcome appetite
  •         Access to help in tough times, mental and other ways
  •         Getting people responsible for you

Types Of Counselling


One-to-One therapy session is organized in the same space between therapist and patient. It can be kept in a coffee shop, bureau, garden or wherever the patient is most relaxed. Face-to-face care involves motive interviews, quick but successful QnA or unloading, in which patients release what they have been carrying such as fear, anxiety, depression, etc before they interpret the therapist and help them to discover the root problem.


It comprises sessions via Skype, emails, and online support groups such as SMART Recovery. It’s simple, realistic and anonymous.


A number of individuals dealing with common issues come together in the presence of a certified therapist to address these issues freely.

Start Recovery Today

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