Drug rehab facilities in BridgeportRegardless of the substance, you have been abusing or the quantity of alcohol you drink, addiction to different substances is possible.

Taking a high dosage of the prescribed medication may result in addiction as well. Fortunately, no matter the severity of your addiction, you can receive help from various Bridgeport drug rehab centers available.

However, it is also advisable that you seek treatment from a rehab facility away from your home area. This allows you to focus on treatment and recovery in the absence of triggers. 90210 Recovery offers the best drug addiction and mental health treatment programs and facilities. 

What Drug and Alcohol Abuse Entails

Drug and alcohol abuse takes place when an individual consumes an excessive addictive substance. As it is possible to drink excessive alcohol or experience drug overdose unknowingly, several persons opt to do so since they provide a form of high that lets these persons dismiss their pressure and evade issues within their lives.

 The main problem associated with this problem of abusing drugs or alcohol is that the more you consume these substances, the more the body becomes tolerant of the substance, and hence the individual will have to take more of these drugs/alcohol to obtain similar effects

Drugs and alcohol addiction is also a problem since the condition can cause serious health diseases. For example, excessive alcohol consumption over a short period increases the likelihood of developing a particular type’s cancer. It can also result in various liver diseases, such as liver cirrhosis and fatty liver disease. An individual may develop brain damages as well.

Bridgeport drug rehab facilityWhen looking specifically at prescription drug abuse, it’s possible to abuse medicine if you take the drug because it isn’t medical, take more doses than you’ve been prescribed or take a medication that has been prescribed for someone else. Unless you strictly follow the dosage instructions that your doctor has set, it’s possible that you could become addicted to the substance in question. Among the many types of prescription medications, the most abused ones include anxiety medicine, pain relievers, and medicine used to treat ADHD.

When dealing with illicit substances such as cocaine and heroin, substance abuse occurs if you take them only once. Due to the influence of these substances, taking them only once can result in addiction. One of the effects of heroin is that everything starts to slow down after the drug’s effects begin to diminish. You may experience symptoms such as nausea, nervousness, and chills.

As a result of these withdrawal symptoms of heroin, individuals take more of the drug to lower the effects and make them feel better. Although addiction may not occur immediately, it may not take long to do so. This is also a common characteristic when dealing with cocaine. You may develop a craving for the drug after taking it for a short period.

Drug addiction occurs when an individual becomes used to taking alcohol or a drug of some kind. This condition can result in various behavioral, social, and physical changes in a person.

The following are some of the most common behavioral changes:

  • Getting into trouble regularly
  • Lack of inspiration
  • Being fearful or paranoid for no reason
  • Experiencing changes in sleep patterns and appetite
  • Abusing drugs or alcohol when operating machinery or driving
  • Finding yourself in trouble occasionally
  • Feeling agitated or hyperactive frequently
  • Facing mood swings and being easily irritable.

Physical changes include inaudible speech, abrupt weight loss, and bloodshot eyes are among the most common. The social fluctuations that you should observe if you doubt that a family member or a friend is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction include legal issues due to their substance abuse, financial difficulties, and continued use of these substances besides causing relationship issues

Signs of a Drug or Alcohol Overdose

One of the most severe and life-threatening impacts due to excessive abuse of substances is an overdose. Failure to seek immediate medical assistance may be fatal. When a person has taken excessive drugs or alcohol within a short time, an overdose is likely to happen, which eventually will result in health problems.

Bridgeport drug and alcohol recovery centersAs overdose signs and symptoms differ depending on the substance abused, the following g is the most symptoms of drug overdose:

  • Shallow breathing
  • Agitation
  • A weak pulse
  • Seizures
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Coma
  • High amounts of drowsiness
  • Death

It is never too late to seek addiction treatment. At 90210 Recovery, we are dedicated and ready to help you achieve your sobriety goals and objectives. Our treatment programs are of quality and effective as per your needs. Contact us today, and let’s be part of your recovery journey. (844) 462-8571

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