How to Stay Sober During the Holiday Season

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The holidays are coming up quickly. Many people look forward to the holidays because this is a time to take a break from professional obligations to spend time with valued family members and friends. Many people travel across the country just to spend a few days with loved ones they might not have seen in a long time. For this reason, many people treasure the holiday gatherings. At the same time, those who are in recovery from addiction may struggle to make it through the holidays sober. For this reason, it is critical for everyone to know about a few strategies that can help someone remain sober even with the stress and anxiety that comes with holiday traveling and gatherings.

Put a Plan in Place for Sobriety

It is important for everyone to have a plan when it comes to holiday parties. Having a plan will help someone stay sober. Often, holiday parties and gatherings have a lot of triggers that might cause someone to break their streak of being sober. Perhaps the mere presence of alcohol or drugs may cause someone to relapse. Maybe there are familiar faces that people might associate with their prior habits. For this reason, everyone needs to have a plan for how to deal with these stresses. Having a plan ready to go can help someone fight the urge to drink or use drugs, helping them make it through the holiday season without falling off the wagon.

Have Someone On Call

It is important for everyone to have someone they can call and talk to if they are feeling the urge to drink or use drugs. For some people, this might be a family member who first encouraged them to get clean. For others, they might have a trusted friend they turn to during their time of need. In other situations, someone might have a sponsor from a program they attend regularly. Many people also rely on a therapist to help them manage their cravings and stay sober. This person needs to be someone that an individual can trust. The person might even be at the party. In other cases, the person might be accessible via the phone. Regardless, everyone needs to have someone on call that they can talk to if they feel the urge to relapse.

Bring Drinks to the Party

For those who are trying to refrain from alcohol use, it can be helpful to bring drinks to the party. Of course, these should be non-alcoholic drinks. Many people are concerned that they might go to a party where there isn’t going to be anything for them to drink. It might be the absence of something non-alcoholic that triggers someone to drink. To help with this situation, bring drinks to the party. This might be tea, soda, or something creative. Having something to grab that doesn’t have alcohol in it can help someone stay sober at a holiday party.

Come Up with a Response

Many people are going to be concerned when they see someone at the party who doesn’t have a drink in their hands. They might feel obliged to offer that person a drink. These people aren’t malicious; often, they don’t know that the person is a recovering alcoholic. It is natural for people to feel a bit concerned about disclosing their recovery status with a total stranger. Therefore, some come up with a response that can handle this innocent concern. Often, people say something like “I have plans in the morning” or “I have to drive later so I can’t drink.” Make sure to have something in place that will avoid the urge to say “yes.”

Think About the Events to Attend

Sometimes, people might not be confident in their ability to stay sober and avoid a relapse if they go to a party. This is understandable as well and there is no shame in that. Furthermore, this is normal for someone who might be early on in the recovery process. If this is the case, simply stay home. Avoid the party and stay away from the situation. After all, the holidays are a time when a lot of people drink. To prevent a relapse from happening, pick and choose the events with caution. Know who is going to be there. Know what the atmosphere is going to be like. Armed with this information, make the smart choice.

Ask the Professionals for Help

It is critical for everyone to have someone to turn to that can help with their sobriety. 90210 Recovery is a luxury addiction treatment center located in Beverly Hills, CA. Our facility uses both traditional therapies and innovative ideas to help someone both get and stay sober. Please check out our website to learn more about our services.