Belleville drug addiction programsBelleville is a city in southwest Illinois with plenty to do and see in the area. If you love the outdoors, you will love the Braeutigam Orchards or the Eckert’s Belleville Farm, but if you are religious and would love to visit a sacred site, then the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows is the best place to visit. The Labour and Industry museum and the Scott Field Heritage Museum are the places to visit if you want to learn more about the history of the area.

Beneath all this beauty, however, is the unfortunate looming drug addiction problem. There has been a rise in drug crimes including the selling of heroin and oxycodone. These are only a fraction of the epidemic that has hit this beautiful city of Belleville.

People with drug addiction problems suffer a lot of consequences that affect their mental and physical health, inability to undertake their daily responsibility, and loss of relationships. In the middle of all this, there is available help for all your problems. The most viable place to look for help is at the 90210 recovery center which is located in Beverly Hills California. 

This treatment center will offer you the best treatment services you can ever receive at the most top-shelf facility. If you are looking for a rehab that will look into your needs and care for you as an individual, we are your best bet. We will make sure that you receive the best care and at the end of your stay with us, go back to Belleville ready to take on the world.

Belleville Residential Treatment Programs

Inpatient programs take on a holistic approach which entails treating both your emotional and physical needs. 

You reside at the center throughout the treatment period where accommodation, meals, and treatment are provided.  You are under the supervision of professional clinical and medical staff. You have access to any kind of help that you may require which helps you to focus on your recovery without the distractions of the outside world. The center is drug and alcohol-free, completely separating one from any risk of relapse. A patient attends educational, group, and individual therapy daily.

Belleville Partial Hospitalization Programs

Once the inpatient treatment program is complete, you have the tools and skills to help you stay sober. Even so, the transition to living at home can be stressful and overwhelming. For those that find this transition stage challenging, the partial hospitalization program will provide you the support you need. The program provides you with the skills to refuse drugs and problem solve.

Belleville Outpatient Treatment Programs

When you are done with the inpatient program and you want to return home, you will be advised to enroll in an outpatient program where you attend treatment sessions during the day which take up several hours of the week, and spend the night at home. While this arrangement may be advantageous in that it gives you the flexibility of continuing to work or go to school, it is challenging in that you are still exposed to an environment that could trigger a relapse. You also need to be fully committed to sobriety. 

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Belleville, Illinois

For people struggling with addiction, suitable rehab centers offer the support and structure one needs to get on the recovery road. These centers offer a positive environment which is vital in the recovery process. From detox to outpatient programs, you have the support of professional clinical and medical 

The United Recovery Project

Drug and alcohol rehabs in BellevilleOur facility is equipped with the best amenities and staff to help give the patient the best experience during treatment. Out top-end facilities and services are designed to motivate you towards getting sober. You are provided with private accommodation to ensure confidentiality is upheld.

If you are struggling with any kind of addiction in Belleville, we encourage you to come to our facility and experience the various programs we have in store for you to ensure you are not alone on this journey to sobriety. Do not hesitate to take that leap. It could just be the best decision of your life. 

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