Alcohol Rehab Facilities, AthensIn Athens Ohio, drug and alcohol addiction have topped the list on the five most perceived health problems. Drug abuse came second. There is a need for drug and alcohol rehabilitation for residents of Athens and the 90210 Recovery Center offers just the right solution for these heartbreaking statistics.

It is important to look at how the effects of addiction in the community when looking at the need for alcohol and drug rehab

Drug and Alcohol Rehab: What Happens During Treatment in Athens

An individual struggling with alcohol or drug addiction needs treatment that addresses both the mental and physical aspects of the addiction. This is why a drug rehab center is important. It will combine detox and other types of therapy to help a patient achieve sobriety. 


This is the clearing of the toxic influence in the body brought about by the build-up of the alcohol or drug they have been using. This step is crucial in treatment as it helps ease the effects of the withdrawal symptoms in the body. Done under the supervision and care of clinical and medical professionals, medical detox is comfortable and safe and the chances of relapse are reduced.

Rehab and Therapy

Healing the mental aspect of a patient may prove to be the hard part of treatment and this is where therapy plays a major role. Several therapy methods are applied such as family therapy, group and individual therapy. Therapy also helps to uncover any underlying mental health issues such as co-occurring disorders.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment 

Drug rehab facilities offer a variety of treatment programs. The patient, with the help of professionals, gets to choose the most befitting programs for the problem they are suffering from.

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment Options

Alcohol Treatment Centers, AthensThis program is ideal for people that want to keep staying home and taking care of their responsibilities such as home, school, and work. They do not have to stay at the rehab center and only go for treatment during scheduled sessions. 

A Person choosing this type of treatment needs to have a good support system at home and is motivated to reach recovery. It is not recommended for people struggling with severe addictions.

  • Inpatient Treatment Options

Also referred to as a residential treatment program treats people dealing with more severe addictions. Patients live on the facility and are provided with around the clock care and they receive all types of treatment on the premises, starting from detox to therapy sessions and other types of care.

  • Aftercare and Alumni Services

Once the patient has completed the inpatient treatment program, they will still require support and encouragement as they get back to living among other people. This support is provided in the form of Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), Intensive Outpatient program, Ancillary services, therapy, psychiatry, and alumni involvement. 

Alumni help our clients maintain long-term sobriety by receiving encouragement from other alumni who have been down that road and have taken back control of their lives.

Traveling To 90210 Recovery For Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Athens Alcohol Treatment Continuing to live at home and receive treatment may be a good choice for some, but for most people, traveling for rehab is a more ideal choice as it poses many benefits which are; 

  • One develops new habits. In the home environment, there are friends, places, and even things that can easily trigger relapse in a patient. These bad habits are not good for a person trying to quit using.
  • To achieve full-time recovery, one needs to really focus on the treatment journey, and being away from distractions helps them do just that.
  • Privacy: People dealing with addiction may find it embarrassing for people to know they are struggling. Traveling for rehab mitigates this as one is far away from people that know them and their privacy is guaranteed.

Your Alcohol Rehab Of Choice

The 90210 is your alcohol rehab of choice. On top of the many programs that we offer to treat addiction, we also provide amenities that are designed with our patients in mind. We provide comfort and safety and easy treatment is our focus. Join us today and get your life back on track.

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