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Addiction and the LGBTQ Community

Individuals who belong to the LGBTQ community often face discrimination, social stigma, and other challenges than those who identify as heterosexual. Because of these stressors and others, many individuals in the LGBTQ community are at a higher risk of substance abuse and addiction than those who identify as heterosexual. 

If you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse and belongs to the LGBTQ community, they likely need special treatment to help overcome their obstacles and begin their life of recovery. One way the road to recovery can start is by understanding the connection between addiction and LGBTQ individuals.

Addiction and LGBTQ Individuals: Stats and Facts 

Individuals that identify as LGBTQ (which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning) face many obstacles that heterosexual individuals do not face. A few of these obstacles include social stigma, harassment, discrimination, and sometimes violence, all because of their sexuality. 

Studies have found that sexual minorities experience higher rates of substance abuse or disorder than individuals who are heterosexual. Experts believe that these higher rates are due to the stressors mentioned above. Sexual minorities use alcohol and substances to cope with all of the obstacles they face.

Here are some staggering facts about addiction within the LGBTQ community:

  • 37.6% of sexual minority adults used marijuana within the last year. In comparison, the overall marijuana use in the adult population is 16.2%.
  • Opioid use and misuse is 9% higher in sexual minority adults who are age 26 or older.
  • It is estimated that 12.4% of young minority sexual adults aged 18 to 25 report substance use disorder, whereas only 10.1% of the population claims the same.

These statistics show that addiction is a serious issue within the LGBTQ community. Individuals that classify as sexual minorities are at an increased risk than those who identify as heterosexual.

Addiction in LGBTQ Communities’ Influences, Treatment, and Prevention 

Despite these sad facts about addiction and LGBTQ individuals, there is hope. Studies have found that addiction within LGBTQ communities has been decreasing over the years, largely with the acceptance of LGBTQ individuals.

Furthermore, doctors have striven to help the problem by creating addiction programs specifically for LGBTQ communities and individuals. These treatment programs are designed to address sexual minorities’ unique needs so they can overcome their obstacles and begin their life of recovery.

Some LGBTQ recovery programs are specifically designed for LGBTQ individuals only. In other words, these treatment facilities are a safe space for all sexual minorities to receive the treatment they need. Other LGBTQ recovery programs are a part of facilities for all people, but they provide specific counseling for sexual minorities.

Through these efforts, LGBTQ addiction is decreasing, thanks to improved treatment based on their unique needs. Prevention is also improving, largely because of these treatments, as well as increased acceptance of the LGBTQ lifestyle.

90210 Recovery Can Help 

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction and belongs to the LGBTQ community, know that there is hope. There are addiction centers that provide specific and safe care for LGBTQ communities and individuals.

90210 Recovery is one program that can help. At our luxury facility, we provide a holistic, evidence-based approach for all clients, including LGBTQ individuals. Through our program, LGBTQ individuals can heal from their trauma while getting the treatment they need. We even take a dual diagnosis approach to ensure that all needs are met and treated accordingly. 

To learn more about 90210 Recovery’s program, contact us today to learn more. There is no obligation when you call, and all contact is confidential. Begin your road to recovery today! 


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