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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Dealing with people suffering from drug abuse is a challenge, but for our professionals at 90210 Recovery, it is also an opportunity to monitor the progress made by those taking advantage of our exceptional recovery services.Rehabs in Youngstown

As an effort to curb the effects of opioid addiction, such as overdoses, which are on the rise, 90210 Recovery workers have dedicated a lot of their time to serving recovering addicts. The use of cocaine and other stimulants has been growing, as has alcohol addiction. 

Many of the overdoses reported include fentanyl. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is more than 100 times stronger than morphine, which is sometimes used as a replacement for other opioids.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction treatment programs typically last as long as you need them and are based on your unique situation. Alcohol and drug addiction treatment follows a variety of care programs, which includes alumni and aftercare services, and typically start with a detox program.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs

You may have to participate in an alcohol or drug detox program before commencing treatment. Detox programs offer you a supportive and safe environment for withdrawal to assist you in managing the uncomfortable and painful withdrawal symptoms better. These programs normally offer medical supervision and monitoring, and some also offer medication when necessary.

Residential Treatment

With more serious drug dependency problems requiring round-the-clock monitoring, recovering patients are put in a 24-hour care environment, with the advantage of separating them from mitigating circumstances or causes that support drug use. A number of individual and group therapy sessions can consist of everyday activities. The best residential rehabs in Youngstown typically offer supervised detoxification and withdrawal, as well as more comprehensive care for psychological or behavioral abuse disorders through dual diagnosis.

Outpatient Programs

Outpatient rehabs in Youngstown offer services that are a less costly approach to addiction treatment and recovery but are not the best choice for everyone. Outpatient care calls for a strong support network to be effective.

This form of Youngstown drug rehab means you travel to the rehab center for group sessions and counseling, along with medication management, if required. After every session, you return home.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medications, including naltrexone, methadone, and buprenorphine, are used in combination with peer group support and therapy in medication-assisted treatment (MAT). MAT has been in use for a number of years, and studies show it is effective for alcohol and opioid use disorders.

MAT programs typically last between six months and a year. Some MAT programs might last longer than a year, particularly for opioid use disorders.

Alumni and Aftercare ServicesOutpatient rehabs in Youngstown

Aftercare services offer further support and treatment after you complete a formal inpatient and outpatient rehab program. Recovery is a life-long process, and alumni/ aftercare services support you in maintaining sobriety. These services can combine evidence-based group and individual therapies with peer groups and may also include 12-step programming.

Choosing the Best Addiction Rehabilitation Facility

After making a decision on the amenities you’ll need, you’ll have to look for the Youngstown addiction rehab centers that suit all your requirements. We offer all sorts of services from professional addiction treatment for businesspeople to VIP recovery programs. Youngstown offers several options, both upper end and cost-conscious. 

Paying For Treatment

There are numerous funding options available. All you have to know is where to look. Start with your health insurance provider. Most private health insurance policies cover substance abuse treatment, although you’ll likely have to cost-share via deductibles or copays.

If you don’t have an insurance cover or the cost-sharing is way beyond your means, talk to the rehab facility to see if they have any suggestions on how to fund your treatment. They may have access to grants or offer a payment program.

Get Started Today

You can seek help in drug rehab in Youngstown, Ohio, but traveling to our inpatient facility in Beverly Hills, CA, can be more beneficial. Separation from the environment to which you’re used makes your recovery quicker and boosts its chances of success.

We offer a continuum of drug rehab programs, including medical detox, inpatients programs, outpatient programs, intensive outpatient programs, Partial Hospitalization Programs. We also offer aftercare services through our alumni programs. We admit patients struggling with drug and alcohol addiction from across the United States. Contact us today and start your recovery journey, or get your free insurance quote today.

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