York city drug rehab and alcohol center

90210 Recovery center offers convenient drug and alcohol rehabilitation options close to home and work. With professional counselors, daytime and evening outpatient program hours, and easy access to transport for Los Angeles residents, Our Beverly Hills clinic offers the optimal outpatient program for busy professionals ready to start their path to recovery. We provide these services not only to California residents but New York City residents as well.

All rehab services at 901210 Recovery mix evidence-based therapeutic practices along with the latest scientific knowledge and research about addiction—always pioneering with respect, dignity, and personalized attention that have set our care apart for decades.

We take a comprehensive and individualized approach in developing each patient’s rehabilitation plan by providing:

  • Customized outpatient substance abuse treatment planning to fit your specific situation, challenges, and needs 
  • Holistic care for your mind, body, and spirit 
  • Combined mental health care to address co-occurring conditions such as anxiety or depression

By working with you to get your whole picture—your mental and physical health, family history, the types of drugs you’ve been using, and many other influences and variables—our addiction experts can develop the best possible outpatient treatment plan to help you get and stay well. 

If you or a family member is struggling with substance abuse, contact or call us to learn more about the programs and insurance options available at our outpatient treatment center.

Outpatients and Inpatients alcohol and drug centers in York city

Drug and alcohol rehab programs at our Beverly Hills treatment center operate under the same evidence-based concept and practices as our inpatient treatment programs for New Yorkers.

Inpatients alcohol and drug centers in York cityWe align time-tested 12 Step recovery wisdom with the latest applications of neuroscience, mindfulness, and other research-based therapeutic approaches. This means your holistic outpatient treatment sessions at our facility will involve: 

  • Psychological health, social, and substance abuse (alcohol and other drugs) assessments to ensure an accurate diagnosis and inform treatment planning
  • A personalized addiction and mental health rehab plan to specifically address your condition and circumstances
  • Ongoing care recommendations to support and reinforce your development of healthy routines and behaviors post-treatment

Our outpatient treatment program new york goals and expectations are designed to ensure that you have the best opportunity to learn, change and heal—with the ultimate goal of experiencing lasting freedom from alcoholism or other drug addiction.

In designing your outpatient addiction treatment plan—and with your permission—our clinicians will also welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals you may be working with to ensure continuity of care. 

Outpatient addiction treatment at our Beverly Hills clinic is offered weekdays and weeknights, with convenient afternoon and evening sessions available.

Low-Intensity Substance abuse treatment York city

Substance abuse treatment York cityRegardless of whether you’re new to treatment, or as you progress through outpatient drug or alcohol rehab and begin implementing newly gained recovery principles and practices into your daily life, you will attend rehab sessions less often while transitioning into our low-intensity outpatient program.

Our low-intensity outpatient program is designed to give you more opportunities to cement your abstinence from substance use by building healthy fresh routines, developing your recovery support network, recognizing relapse triggers, and practicing relapse stoppage skills. 

In counselor-inclined group sessions, you will peruse and discover how to bring back your sense of trust, community, hope, and—most of all—belief in yourself. You will slowly develop independence from treatment programming as you appreciate the importance of prioritizing your recovery daily.

Our low-intensity outpatient program groups meet conveniently on weeknights and afternoons, as follows:

York city drug rehab and alcohol center

90210 recovery centers also offer outpatient mental health services. Your care plan usually begins with an on-site mental health professional assessment to determine the best therapies or services to address your needs. Services include individual counseling and family therapy. 

Alcohol and drug addiction centers in York city and family support

 Addiction affects nearly everyone in the family. And every family member requires assistance in their own right to comprehend the illness of addiction and work through the chaos and pain it causes. Once family members start to grasp the intricacies of addiction, they can embark on their healing process.

Do not suffer alone contact 90210 Recovery now! 90210 Recovery center is here to help all residents of New York. You can either choose to attend our inpatient program or the outpatient one.

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