addiction recovery services in YonkersYonkers City is in Westchester County, New York. Although it is not part of New York City, many residents have a strong connection to New York City and may commute there to work each day. There are an estimated at least 196,000 residents in Yonkers, and an average income base of about $57,000. According to a report by Neighborhood Scout, Yonkers has a rating of 52 out of 100 (with 100 being the safest).

Notably, there is limited data available on the state of drug use in Yonkers. However, there is information available from the Westchester County District Attorney’s Annual Report published in 2010. This report reviewed facets of the illegal drug trade within the county. Because of that, Yonkers alcohol rehab facilities are increasingly registering a rapid rise of drug addiction cases.

Yonkers Addiction Recovery Services

The Westchester County Government offers a directory of rehab facilities in Yonkers. A review of the listed outpatient treatment programs shows that there are at least eight treatment centers listed in Yonkers and more in surrounding areas. The county also gives information on inpatient addiction treatment programs in Yonkers.

addiction treatment programs in YonkersIndividuals who need health insurance for addiction treatment coverage can apply for New York State Medicaid or private health insurance plans through the New York State of Health. Furthermore, there is also information available to Westchester County residents from the Westchester County Department of Health. Patients who are looking forward to getting support from a nonprofit organization can locate one in Westchester County through the Nonprofit Westchester platform.

Addiction patients who reside in Yonkers and are seeking addiction recovery services in Yonkers can limit their search to the most local facilities offering recovery services or perform an expanded search. The location of Yonkers makes treatment convenient for those in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. Even though the location is only one of the factors involved in selecting a rehab, it can be a crucial one.

When facing addition, all a person needs to know is that they need help. If services are sought at a rehab center, an intake addiction specialist will conduct an intake interview and work with an addiction specialist team to make a recommendation as to the level of care required and the advisable duration of stay. A patient who has decided to commit to the recovery process will find out that there is plenty of help available.

Impact of Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Yonkers 

Much of the news coverage associated with Westchester and drug use involves concerns about drugs in schools. According to a piece published in Westchester Magazine, tweens and teenagers are using prescription drugs for scholastic improvement, weight loss, or just to tune out. 

Yonkers Addiction ResourcesIt appears that tweens, teens, and young adults have access to prescription medications like Adderall, opioid medications, and sedatives (such as Xanax). Regularly, students get these drugs from a parent’s medicine cabinet and take them in addition to sharing them with fellow students.

Reportedly, coping with stress is the main reason students start to abuse prescription drugs. It is well documented across the US that students are experiencing acute pressure to excel in exams. Based on a recent study, over 75% of polled high school kids said they felt pressure to score high on exams. 

At present, the best advice for Yonkers students who are abusing prescription or other drugs is to speak with a professional. There are various levels of recovery available, from starting counseling to entering a structured rehab program. The 90210 Recovery has a compassionate team of health experts that will walk with you throughout your recovery journey.

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