Over 21 million adults in the United States are struggling with substance use disorder. And, regrettably, the situation is getting worse. Overdose deaths are on the rise with over 72,000 victims in 2017 alone. For those willing to overcome drug and alcohol dependency, a professional detoxification program at 90210 Recovery Group is the first vital stage in the journey towards recovery.

Why Inpatient Detox at Wilton Drug Rehab is Necessary 

Drug addiction treatment in WiltonColloquially referred to as detox, the detoxification process entails the physical breaking of addiction bonds. These physical ties are much addictive and could affect the mindset of an individual when individual attempts to quit the use of drugs and alcohol he will experience severe withdrawal symptoms which could be reasonably too hard to handle. You may experience an intense craving for the substance that you are addicted to, due to changes in the nervous system and the brain.

Side effects, or the withdrawal symptoms that come along with the absence of the substance in your body system, can be very severe and life-threatening. Most of the time, it makes people make a decision to which they understand to be dangerous or harmful. It is usually challenging for those who are willing to stop the use of addictive substances and many end up looking for more dangerous drugs despite the knowledge of their effects.

Withdrawal symptoms can give one much discomfort when you try to quit the use of the substance. These side effects usually vary from one person to another depending on the period of addiction and also the substance being abused. Some of these symptoms include vomiting and nausea, paranoia and anxiety, weakness and aching, seizures, irritability, insomnia, lack of appetite, hallucinations, intense cravings, and many more. These symptoms can last for days and even weeks.

The detoxification program at Wilton drug rehab aims at eliminating or reducing the pain and discomfort associated with withdrawal. With close supervision by nurses and doctors, the detox process can be of help to those with severe levels of addiction. After the detox process in an inpatient program, the patients are set ready for the next level in the journey of recovery. That is, changing the mindset.

Importance of the Alcohol and Drug Detox Program at Wilton Drug Rehab

Detox is vital for the psychological and mental well-being of individuals trying to quit the use of alcohol and drugs. This process is also crucial for physical wellness. Highly nutritious meals are offered to the patients to ensure a successful detox within a shorter period. Some of the substances can be easily eliminated from the body if the addiction level is mild. However, it could be hazardous and life-threatening to quit the use of alcohol and benzodiazepines. 

Alcohol Withdrawal

Despite being legal, alcohol is one of the most hazardous substances to detox at Wilton drug rehab. Alcohol detoxification is mostly followed by withdrawal symptoms such as tremors, delirium, seizures, and hallucinations. It can be life-threatening in most severe cases without close supervision by medical professionals.

Benzodiazepine Withdrawal

Commonly referred to as benzos, benzodiazepines are depressant prescription drugs for the central nervous system. Benzos can be much beneficial when used as prescribed, but when used for the wrong reasons, benzos can be incredibly hazardous. Long term abuse of benzodiazepines makes its withdrawal symptoms to be much severe as may lead to psychosis, palpitations, seizures, and increased danger of suicide.

Detox from Other Substances and Drugs at Wilton Drug Rehab

Wilton drug rehab centersEven if there is no instant harm or risk for individuals struggling to overcome addiction, detox can relieve the pressure and stress for the initial few days after enrolling in a treatment center, putting patients in a healthier and clearer mindset while eliminating the chances of relapse.

At Wilton drug rehab,  patients can benefit from individualized treatment from the various types of addiction. Including heroin, cocaine, hallucinogens, alcohol, Marijuana, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, opiates, and many more.

At 90210 Recovery, we believe in a compassionate, comprehensive approach to detoxification that involves all aspects of mental, emotional, and physical health. As the withdrawal symptoms start, our medical experts are always ready to offer support and guidance to make you feel comfortable and motivated to your objectives and goals.

Alcohol and substance dependency could ruin your life, make a bold decision and start your journey of recovery at our luxurious facilities at 90210 Recovery.

Wait no more, call us today and get help.

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