Alcohol addiction treatment in WiltonAlcohol and drug treatment is for everyone struggling from emotional or innate dependency on substances. A strong physical dependency on drugs may affect the normal functioning of the body as may be unable to perform optimally without the presence of the substance in the body system. Both illegal and authenticated drugs may be addictive. When prescription drugs are overused or used for other intentions, they may lead to addiction.

Most of the time one develops addiction unknowingly, as no one starts the use of a certain substance with the aim of becoming an addict. Some of the symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction may include uncontrollable and intense cravings for the substance.  Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when one attempts to stop the use of the substance, engaging in risky behaviors such as sharing of needles, lack of control in your life, poor financial decisions, social withdrawal, and many more.

Wilton alcohol rehab offers psychotherapeutic treatment for addiction to psychoactive substances. Such as street drugs such as cannabis, prescription drugs, amphetamines or heroin, cocaine, opioids, and many more. The goal is to enable individuals to get in control of their lives and live a happy and more fulfilling life free from substance dependency.

Substance Abuse in Wilton

The number of overdose deaths related to prescription drugs increased by 18% between 2014 and 2015. A total of 304 deaths due to prescription drugs were reported in 2014, the number of overdose deaths rose to 360. In both years, more than a third of the deaths seemed to be accidental. The total population of 326,000 Wilton residence was struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.

The rampant cigarette smoking cases by young adults and adolescents in Wilton have been falling out of fashion in recent years. Most of these cases were reported in high schools and colleges all around the county. Wilton alcohol rehab led to tremendous change by rehabilitating the residence and offering medical care in a serene, comfortable environment. The addiction cases are reduced as a result of detox and therapeutic help in the drug rehabs.

Wilton reported high rates of students struggling with the addiction of Marijuana as compared to the other cities. Although marijuana abuse has been on the rise, 3.6% of the middle school students in the county were using Marijuana. 36% of students in 12th grade were abusing bhang occasionally, while 6% were abusing it daily.

The Opioid Abuse Epidemic in Wilton

Like other cities in the US, a surge in the number of people struggling with addiction to opioids in Wilton has been experienced. Many of those struggling with opioids addiction in Wilton started the abuse after being given prescription drugs. Such as morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, and other similar substances.

 Wilton alcohol rehab centersSince measures have been put in place in the US To curb the rampant use of Prescription drugs, most of the people addicted to prescription drugs addiction resort to heroin as it’s less expensive and much easier to acquire. Heroin, which is highly addictive, has spoilt many residences’ lives. Most addicts can hardly perform normally without the presence of this substance in their systems.

In 2015, prescription painkillers were one of the leading causes of overdose deaths. A report by the medical examiners indicated that 70 overdose deaths were due to oxycodone; twenty of these deaths were residents over 50. Hydrocodone was liable for 46 overdose deaths; people over the age of fifty were the most affected. Morphine, which is a deadly prescription drug, led to 99 cases of overdose deaths. Methadone also led to a significant number of deaths.

Wilton rehab offers detoxification medical treatment to all the residents who are committed to recovery. This process entails the removal of toxic substances from the body system of an addict. Due to the high dependence on opioids and other substances, the detox process is usually painful and uncomfortable. The patient may experience severe withdrawal symptoms that could be life-threatening.

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Alcohol and drug abuse have affected many youths in Wilton and across the cities in the US. Many of those struggling with addiction are usually unable to normally perform daily activities, and many of them lose their jobs.

Addiction can be a devastating and depressing experience. However, there is hope! If you are a resident of Wilton and need help from addiction, call 90210 Recovery Group today and get help. Both inpatient and outpatient programs are offered in a serene and comfortable environment.

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