Drug rehab in White PlainsAbout 22.7 million people in the United States in 2013 had an addiction disorder that needed treatment. However, of these people, only 2.5 Million received treatment at a rehab center.

To overcome addiction, you need to first seek intervention in addiction centers like 90210 Recovery. This is an important step because most patients are oblivious to their addiction until it has completely messed up their lives. 

Types of Treatment Centers in White Plains

  • Drug Rehabs Specializing in Helping Women

The fastest-growing population of U.S. alcohol and drug users are women. In 2018/2019, there were 15.8 million women aged 18 or older abusing illegal drugs. Due to this, many treatment centers in White Plains are creating rehab programs for women to meet their psychosocial, physical, and mental health needs of women. There are two drug rehab centers that offer this service.

  • Long-Term Inpatient Drug Rehab

The most commonly suggested type of addiction rehab program in White plains is a long-term in-patient program. However, it may not always suit each case of drug abuse addiction and disorder.

You should only consider long-term in-patient drug rehab if you have been struggling with an addiction for a very long time, which has become too serious about managing. There is one treatment center that offers this service.

Outpatient Treatment Program

There are certain circumstances under which outpatient treatment is preferred, even though in-patient treatment is the most common treatment option for alcohol addiction in White plains drug rehab.

If you have only had a minor or short-lasting drug or substance use disorder, you can get better through an outpatient treatment program in White Plains. Additionally, if you do not have any other medical disorders or co-occurring mental health apart from your mild addiction, an outpatient treatment program is preferred. About ten addiction treatment centers offer this service.

Finding An Addiction Rehab in White Plains 

Drug addiction treatment programs in White PlainsAn addict may not be able to break their addiction unless he or she first recognizes the problem. People struggling with addiction may resist the idea of going to rehab and may become resentful to their loved ones. They do this because they think that other people consider them to have morally failed. 

It is advisable to have the intervention of a medical professional before intervening in the situation of the addict. Consulting a treatment expert at a rehab center whose specialized approach is in line with your sobriety goals can lead to a successful intervention.

 Additionally, it makes sure that your loved one fully recovers and gets the healthy life they deserve. Caring for a recovering addict can be draining, and therefore you will also need help from an expert.

How Addiction Treatment Helps

The first step is to do an initial evaluation to determine the seriousness of the addiction. The patient will work with a team of medical professionals to establish and plan the journey to recovery and make goals.

Detox then follows the evaluation. The drug detoxification process lasts for at least two weeks. The process is meant to rid the body of all toxic substances. It is important in reversing the damages caused by the drugs and is normally done under the supervision of a medical expert.

Drug detoxification is then followed by in-patient rehabilitation treatment for three months, depending on the patient’s needs. The goal is to treat alcohol or drug addiction and any other co-occurring disorder. Detox is the main component of addiction rehabilitation in White Plains, NY, and out-of-state.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for White Plains Residents

Finding a drug rehab in White PlainsTo obtain the best results in a rehabilitation program, there needs to be a level of commitment and engagement to the treatment program. There are several factors that affect this. A patient is motivated to recover if the rehabilitation is in line with their recovery goals and close enough so that family and friends of the patient can support them.

For residents of the White Plains NY area, 90201 Recovery provides treatment for drug addicts. it is one of our great rehabilitation centers, you will access a customized approach to your addiction struggles.

If you are in need of help with your addiction in White Plains, New York, you must choose a proper drug rehab program. 90210 Recovery has an extensive network of drug rehabilitation resources that will assist you in getting back to your sober state and get your life on track. Don’t hesitate to get the help you need; call us today at (844)462-8571 and get the help you deserve.

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