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90210 Recovery

90210 Recovery is still accepting patients during this difficult time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our safety protocol.

California’s Leader in Addiction and 

Mental Health Treatment

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What We Treat

90210 Recovery is the best Los Angeles drug and alcohol treatment center because we’re truly focused on one thing: Solving the true nature of your addiction. Substance abuse doesn’t happen accidentally, and it’s usually due to some underlying issue that’s not being addressed. The underlying issue will continue to fester and sink its claw into your everyday life, pushing you deeper into addiction, and pushing you away from the person you’re meant to be. Our methodology is designed to help you undress and confront these issues, medically detox these substances from your body, create longlasting habits that lead to sobriety, and put your life back together piece-by-piece. 

How Do I Know If I Have a Substance Abuse Problem? 

Addiction usually doesn’t start out as “substance abuse”. It can start with the occasional drink, or an opioid prescription. Eventually, a habit can form, and you transition from the occasional user to a person religiously popping benzos, drinking alcohol by the bottle, or perhaps getting into heroin or methamphetamines. There is a co-occurring mental health condition that’s pushing you into these substances. The consequences can ruin your relationships, destroy your career or business, and derail your sense of purpose. 

The truth is that what’s driving your addiction sits within you. It can be a past trauma. Pressures from family life or your job. A lack of self esteem. Whatever it is, our job is to help you confront issues honestly, and provide the guidance, tools, and environment for you to heal properly.

How We Treat Addiction

We treat substance abuse disorders with a three-pronged approach: Detox, Recovery, and Mental Health Repair. 

Detoxification is the removal of toxins from the body, and it’s one of the crucial first steps in eliminating any dependency on drugs and alcohol. 

Recovery is where the healing continues. During your stay at 90210, you’re in a relaxed environment and surrounded by beauty. You are secluded from the outside world and are able to receive guidance from our counselors and therapists. You’re in the perfect place to conduct the internal work needed to defeat addiction. 

Mental Health Repair can be one of the most important pieces of the recovery process. You’ll meet with a psychiatrist twice a week to determine the underlying motivations for your substance abuse. We take the dual diagnosis approach to our therapy, and if you’re dealing with mood disorders, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, or any other mental health problem, we do the work to uncover it and treat it properly. 

By the end of your treatment, we want your mind, body, and spirit to feel aligned. We accomplish this by designing a balanced program that directly addresses your needs, identifies your weaknesses, removes bad habits, and renews your outlook on life. Our holistic program includes yoga, fitness training, group therapy, one-on-one therapy, music groups, acting classes, and so much more. We’re taking you beyond your addiction— helping to rebuild you into person you are meant to be.

What Are the Symptoms of Substance Abuse?
What’s The Difference?
  • Cravings and frequent thoughts of using or drinking
  • Needing to consume more to get the same effect
  • Withdrawals when not using 
  • Loss of control
  • Becoming more impulsive
  • Forgetfulness
  • Restlessness
  • Agitation
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Clammy skin
  • Confusion
  • Sweating
  • Mood Swings

2 Times Weekly 
Our board-certified addiction psychiatrist combine psychological therapies with the latest medical advancements to provide each client with compassionate, effective treatment.

As Prescribed 

There are a variety of non-narcotic, non-addictive, anti-craving medications like Naloxone and Vivitrol that we utilize in our program that help rebalance your brain and make it hard to feel the effects of drugs & alcohol.


Our clinical therapists and counselors work with clients in small group settings to share their experience and assist clients in confronting their addiction head on.

2x Week

One-on-one therapy is a vital part of the treatment process. This is where clients can connect with their therapists and work one-on-one to identify triggers, map out behavioral patterns, and learn new coping skills throughout the process.


In order to combat addiction you have to learn as much about the disease as possible. Our daily psychoeducational groups cover a wide range of topics from relationships, to managing money to physical health, relapse prevention and wellness.

As Needed

It is often said that addiction is a family disease. While one person is addicted, the rest are affected in numerous ways. Family therapy helps the entire family heal and recover together.

Customized to Your Needs 

Often times, those struggling with substance abuse also have underlying mental illness that can be a barrier to long-term recovery. 90210 Recovery works with each client intimately to assess, diagnosis and treat any co-occurring mental illness.


1x Week

Unmanageability is a common occurrence for those struggling with drug & alcohol abuse. With our life skills education groups, we teach clients basic life skills that will assist on their journey of recovery.

7x Week

It is widely agreed on by most professionals that involvement in a 12-step or recovery support group is key to long-term success in recovery. We introduce clients to local AA and NA meetings to familiarize them with the programs so they can begin to build their own foundation in recovery, while still in a safe, sober environment.

1x Week

Healing the body is Dr. Edward Hayes purpose. Each week, you’ll meet with our chiropractor for adjustments to get your in the best condition.

1x Week

We focus on getting
your body strong again, offering kickboxing classes every week. 


Our state of the art gym is available for use at all times.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We understand that addiction can cause great damage to our physical bodies. 90210 Recovery offers 24/7 access to our available on-call doctor of internal medicine for all health related issues.


2 Times Weekly 
Instructor Cher helps us grow the soul with yoga practice. Yoga enhances positive thinking and meditation aimed at developing harmony in the body, mind, and environment.

2x Per Week

Lead by Monk Craig, we offer meditation class in order to pause, get centered and be present in the moment. Meditation promotes relaxation, reduces stress and enhances personal and spiritual growth.

1x Week

90210 Recovery has teamed up with Rock To Recovery to discover our inner rockstars. Sometimes where words leave off, music begins.

3x Week

Art has always been one of the best ways to connect with your emotions and express them in a healthy, non-destructive manner. In our creative therapy groups, clients find their own ways to express their feelings through art & creativity

We Work With Most Major Insurance Providers

The 90210 Recovery admissions team works 24/7 to ensure that we can help as many people struggling with substance abuse as we can. Verify your benefits now and we’ll get back to you right away.

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