Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Detox facilities near WestlakeDrug and alcohol abuse may have taken a toll on your life. Alcohol use disorder can damage relationships, ruin careers, or result in health problems. You may have tried to quit, but you keep relapsing.

Substance abuse can make a person unable to fulfill their responsibilities to their families and at work. The families and friends of an addict are often affected by their loved one’s alcohol use disorder. Our rehab facility offers family therapy to help the patient cope with life after treatment and mend relationships.

 Westlake Alcohol and Drug Rehab

It is important to know the different treatment options available in and around Westlake to enable you to get the best professional program for your addiction. It would be best if you choose a rehab that uses an individualized approach to recovery. An individualized approach offers a plan for treatment that evaluates your needs and tailors services specifically for you.

The treatment professionals establish the reasons behind your addiction to treat any co-occurring medical or mental issues.

At 90210 Recovery clinic, our professional addiction counselors use a treatment procedure that can increase your chances of recovery and help you regain control over your life. We aim at helping you find lasting freedom from alcohol abuse.

Medically Assisted Detox Programs

Westlake rehabilitation resourcesQuitting drinking cold turkey can lead to withdrawal symptoms, which could be fatal in some cases. The symptoms and severe cravings could lead a patient to relapse. It is, therefore, important that the patient is under supervision.

Medically assisted detox programs help the patient to go through the withdrawal process. The detox process cleans out the toxins in the patient’s body due to excessive alcohol use. Medication is administered to help the patient’s body to adapt to the new changes.

Inpatient Treatment at a Westlake Drug and Alcohol Rehab

With an inpatient treatment program, the patient lives in a facility where they are under 24-hour supervision. The team of professionals provides treatment and support. The patient also finds support from others who have come to the facility seeking treatment. Peer support comes in handy because the patient finds people with the same goals.

During the sessions, the therapist helps the patient understand what drives them into alcohol abuse to work towards recovery. You can identify the underlying causes of your alcohol use disorder and find ways of handling your needs and pains.

Inpatient treatment facilities offer a conducive environment for recovery, where the patient has the attention of professionals.

 Aftercare Treatment Programs in Westlake

Even after the treatment program is over, the patient still requires support and care. Aftercare recovery ensures that you have this kind of help after the treatment program. For individualized treatment, the patient may get assistance finding a job, an education, or legal assistance.

We also offer cognitive-behavioral services and family support therapy. There are other amenities, such as a private gym, spa, private massage, and swimming pool. The beautiful view of Los Angeles helps calm the mind.

 Paying For Alcohol Addiction Treatment

If you cannot afford to pay all of the expenses by cash, do not shy away from seeking treatment at our facility. We work with many different insurance providers. Check with the insurance company the terms of your insurance policy.

90210 Recovery is a luxury residential inpatient treatment center whose main focus is to enable patients to regain full control over their lives. This is achieved by helping the patient become independent from substance abuse.

Getting Help

Drug and alcohol addiction in WestlakeIf you have been trying to quit alcohol abuse unsuccessfully, the best option will be seeking medical intervention. Before choosing a rehab, you should first consider the treatment programs they offer and pick the one that will meet your requirements or those of your loved one.

90210 Recovery has a qualified team of professionals and well-designed treatment programs. The patient is first assessed on admission. The assessment is to help the therapists to establish the right treatment program for the patient.

Our treatment facility offers a relaxed environment where the patient is monitored and treatment administered as per the individual patient’s needs. Reach out to 90210 Recovery for specialized treatment and follow-up program

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