Drug rehab facility in West HavenIn 2019, over 1,000 people in Connecticut succumbed to a drug overdose. Half of those died due to fentanyl use, which is a powerful synthetic drug that is stronger than heroin. Notably, the ease of getting these drugs has highly contributed to a catastrophic rise in substance abuse and addiction in the area, with no sign of stopping the influx.

People develop a dependency on prescription drugs as well. Once they no longer have a legitimate prescription, and therefore, they turn to cheaper alternatives to get high.

Statistics show that heavy drinking in Connecticut rapidly increased in recent years too, with females experiencing the largest spike from 2015. The data for the state of Connecticut show an average drinking rate that is even higher than the national average. These statistics serve a scary reality for individuals dealing with addiction and drug use in West Haven.

Although these statistics are worrying, there is good news. In 2018, over 800 West Haven residents looked for treatment for substance use. These people took the first step in their recovery journey. Help is available at West Haven drug rehab centers for those suffering from any sort of substance addiction. There are also services for those who have co-occurring disorders.

Knowing How and When to Seek addiction Treatment in West Haven

 Drug rehab facility in West HavenAlcohol and drug addiction are treatable conditions. There is a treatment support program for patients who are ready to regain control of their lives. Feeling helpless to the craving of one’s drug of choice is an indication of this battle for control.

Addiction treatment programs include both inpatient and outpatient rehab at 90210 Recovery is available for patients who would want to overcome addiction, irrespective of the substance involved. If your substance addiction has disrupted your family, affected your life, cost you your job, or otherwise created chaos around you, it is time to seriously consider your addiction treatment options for recovery.

Substance abuse and addiction result in pain to not only the addiction patient but also to everyone who loves them. Please do not let drugs and alcohol destroy the life you want for yourself. When the right treatment is sought, the odds of recovery are good, and the outcomes are similar to the treatment of chronic medical conditions, including hypertension and diabetes.

Rehab centers who offer their services to West Haven Residents can help when you are ready to face the substance abuse and addiction head-on. Besides, you should be ready for recovery and what comes next. If your substance use is no longer in your control, it is time to reach out to someone who can help you in getting your life back.

Types of Treatment Options Available in West Haven 

When you are ready to take the first step in your journey to sobriety, it is imperative to know the treatment options at West Haven drug rehab facilities. It is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, and what program is best for you is very much a personal consideration. 

Some patients who are taking the initial step on the path to wellness may respond positively to residential treatment programs in 90210 Recovery, wherein they stay at the treatment facility of their choice while still undergoing medical management of addiction withdrawal symptoms. Even so, other people do better when they undergo treatment on an outpatient basis.

Once you have decided to address your substance use, some resources can help you establish which route is most likely successful. Reviewing these treatment options can help solidify your decision to regain control of your own life.

Cost of Rehab and Treatment in West Haven

West Haven drug treatment centerThere are cost considerations for most people seeking treatment for substance use. Luckily, there are various options available for people with and without medical insurance. Although plenty of health insurance policies offer coverage for addiction and drug use recovery, some of those plans have limits of coverage. They limit the length of time covered and the kinds of treatment they allow a person to seek. Too often, the coverage provided is not complete, and there is an out-of-pocket expense involved when undergoing rehab services.

However, it is crucial not to allow financial considerations to prevent you from seeking out potentially life-saving medical help. The cost of addiction treatment without health insurance coverage starts at $2,000 and can run upward of $20,000 for 30 days of inpatient rehab. 

Outpatient services are available from cost-free services of up to $800 per day. There are always effective choices available, no matter where you are on the income scale. Therefore, it is essential not to allow the cost of addiction treatment in West Haven to prevent you from reaching out and asking for help.

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