Alcohol Rehabilitation and Drug Abuse treatment West Hartford town is located a few kilometers west of downtown Hartford, Connecticut. The best feature in the city is The Talcott Avon Mountain, also, there are other outdoor recreations that you can enjoy as well. Activities consist of two state parks, recreational areas, and reservoirs, a forest, a science center, a school, as well as the Heublein Tower. You can get a breathtaking panoramic view from this tall tower of the Hartford skyline.

West Hartford is ranked number 8 for drug-related arrests among all Connecticut towns.

Nonetheless, the town has a dark side – substance abuse and alcohol. It is a big challenge in the whole Connecticut state and is ranked number seven among states hit the most with drug problems.

Connecticut together with its surrounding towns and cities such as West Hartford require appropriate drug abuse treatment and alcohol before the situation gets worse.

Drug Misuse and Alcohol Rehabilitation in West Hartford

In case you are having a problem with drugs, there is hope. The state’s drug abuse figures stress the need for West Hartford Rehabilitation Centers. By getting rehabilitation, you can overcome addiction and stay clean from drugs.

Opioid Overdose Deaths in West Hartford

955 people succumbed to death in 2017. NIDA Statistics say West Hartford had a higher number of opioid-related overdose deaths than the national average opioid overdose number in 2017.

Heroin Deaths in Connecticut

455 people died from heroin use in 2017. Deaths caused by heroin in West Hartford increased from 98 to 450 but later reduced to 425 in the year 2017. 

Heavy Alcohol consumption in West Hartford

In 2019, America’s Health statistics figures show that 19.0% of adults there reported either binge drinking, a significant increase from 17.10% in 2018.

34% of teenagers in West Hartford have Used bhang once in Their Life.

A U.S. Department of Health & Human Services survey showed that 34% of West Hartford high school students reported having used weed at least once in their life.

The Critical Need for liquor and  Rehabilitation Centers in West Hartford

The National Institute on drug abuse opioid summary depicted that West Hartford experienced 955 overdose-related deaths as a result of opioids in 2017. This is nearly double the national figures, which were at 14.6 during the same year. Synthetic opioids, such as Fentanyl, saw a rapid rise in deaths as compared to the past year increasing from 79 fatalities to 686. Furthermore, heroin resulted in 425 and 273 deaths, respectively.  West Hartford had the second-highest ratio of drug-related deaths to the number of residents per overdose deaths town-by-town in 2018,.

Drinking that has become a habit makes depression worse and can result in having suicidal thoughts.

Other than opioids, Hartford County is also fighting alcohol misuse. This drug is under the radar many times because it is legal and linked with merely having fun. 

Drinking is even allowed in the military among service members. This form of acceptance makes it a lethal substance because there is minimal disapproval, even as its consumption becomes habitual. Unfortunately, alcohol can worsen depression and result in suicidal thoughts.

Traveling from West Hartford to Receive Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Treatment

Drug and alcohol rehabWhen you’re accustomed to staying in a particular city, moving isn’t always an easy task. However, when it has to do with seeking drug rehab treatment for yourself or a family member, traveling away from your hometown becomes an excellent idea. Studies indicate that there are several benefits to traveling to rehab programs away from home; they include:

  • Accepting the likelihood of traveling makes more rehab alternatives available to you, enabling you to choose a top-quality treatment facility. For instance, traveling to Beverly Hills, CA, gives you access to an alcohol rehab facility that offers holistic treatment services that increase your chances of a successful recovery.
  • When you travel to seek out-of-state treatment, you acquire a deeper mentality regarding the recovery process you’re embarking on.
  • Putting a physical distance between you and your drugs of choice is crucial to your recovery since it reduces the urge to use again.

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