Drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilityAre you dependent on drugs? Drug addiction is a severe condition that shouldn’t be prolonged for an extended period as worse implications may occur over time. Suppose you happen to reside within the Webster location and grapple with a drug dependency or alcohol addiction. In that case, we urge that you don’t hesitate to seek assistance from our prestigious and reputable rehab center here at 90210 Recovery Center. 

When you hesitate to seek treatment, you are essentially putting yourself at a significant risk both physically and psychologically over time if not treated. 

We are here to help people get back towards the course of long-term sobriety and prevent any relapse or triggers within the distant future. Our staff at 90210 Recovery Center are highly trained and will accommodate you with much professionalism, as this is the fundamental core value that we ensure everyone within the facility apprehends.

Inpatient Treatment Approach

Following detoxification, an excellent way to begin your treatment approach would be attending an inpatient treatment program. Here, you will reside within the treatment center while receiving all-day supervision and therapeutic attendance towards your recovery progress.

Here at our 90210 Recovery Center, we provide a program that truly works to heal each client’s body, mind, and spirit individually. Our expert drug treatment center staff members ensure that you receive an evidence-based and holistic approach to treatment so that we can help you recover from alcohol and drugs in the long term.

Alternative approaches towards treatment are implemented, such as art therapy and other creative treatments intended for you to regain your fundamental skills for a balanced and healthy life centered towards a better future.

At our 90210 Recovery Center, we recognize that the prescription treatment approach is not just enough to guarantee our patient’s long-term sobriety. Therefore, we handle our patients accordingly by implementing strategies and walking them through their underlying rooted issues, which lead to their dependency in the first place. 

Through this technique, we are implementing mechanisms through which our patients can better prevent future relapse and triggers and instead present them with discovering healthier avenues to exercise their behavioral changes required to break this addiction cycle.

Outpatient Treatment Approach

Alcohol treatment services in WebsterAt 90210 Recovery Center, our outpatient programs are presented with various terms of intensity. Outpatient programs ensure that our patients are presented with the proper educational and therapeutic approach towards targeted skill-building, supportive network building, and guidance towards building a safe disciplinary system around one’s life to maintain a life with the best tools free from alcohol and drugs. 

We urge that you seek an outpatient recovery approach, especially if your family members at home are supportive of your journey towards your long-term recovery. We allow you to travel to and from an addiction center at your home through our program, which is why we recommend that it is best for you, especially when having the right support system. 

Our intensive treatment approach is presented to our patients for hours to ensure that our patients are receiving the most suitable treatment and mindset accordingly suited for their long-term sobriety.

We recognize that our treatment approach must best attend to providing strategies for patients grappling with substance misuse and mental management. Having this dual focus is necessary for the needs of our patient’s health conditions, life stressors, and other additional concerns that may worsen to overcome and manage their lives accordingly in a more structured manner.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Our 90210 Recovery Center Webster medication-assisted treatment utilizes prescription medications to aid you better as you combat your alcohol or substance use addiction. Like methadone or buprenorphine, these prescriptions help you better manage your psychological and physical symptoms of addiction. Medically assisted programs continuously exercise behavioral therapy and counseling in addition to prescriptions for your long-term sobriety.

Aftercare And Alumni Services

Our 90210 Recovery Center intends to serve you adequately even after you are discharged from our facility. The truth is that the battle continues long after addiction treatment is complete. For this reason, we ensure to provide you with our addiction treatment programs aftercare, and alumni services to support you after you are discharged. These services may include 12-step support groups, community-based programs, sober-living homes, and a recovery approach towards counseling.

Addiction Treatment Timelines

Both long-term and short-term addiction treatment programs are accessible at the 90210 recovery center. You’ll discover plans extending from a month to about two months, three months, four months, or a year or longer. As you consider your demands, recognize that the more extensive your stay within the treatment is, the greater your probabilities of maintaining long-term recovery.

Treatment Coverage Approach

Webster drug and alcohol rehab programsAs you consider your addiction treatment prospects, you’ll necessitate addressing how you’ll cover for it. If you have private health insurance, check your coverage documentation to see if you have options. 

Begin Treatment With Us

At our 90210 Recovery Center, we are relatively affordable compared to other drug rehab centers. We compensate for your budget by offering you an extensive selection of insurance payment privileges. Do not wait longer and allow drugs to dictate your way of life. Call us today!

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