Drug Rehab Centers, WadsworthA drug or alcohol rehab aims to provide a lasting solution to the problems faced by people struggling with addiction and their families. Many rehab centers operate around providing a means to a better life for the patient. 

The use and misuse of alcohol and drugs can cause people many problems such as relationship troubles, broken bodies with family and friends, health problems, both physical and psychological, and even legal problems where the use of drugs leads to run-ins with the law enforcers.

People are always searching for solutions to these problems. Many people are however not aware that there is a solution to addiction which lies in effective, affordable, and feasible drug and alcohol rehabs. 

These solutions are provided at the 90210 recovery center, which is your best solution to these addiction problems. 

What Types of Drug Rehab is Available in Wadsworth, Ohio?

Our 90210 Recovery Center provides the right tools and techniques to help our patients reach sobriety. Various treatment programs are provided at our rehab center that includes detoxification programs, inpatient treatment programs, and aftercare services. 

Our drug rehab center also provides support through therapy and alumni services to fully support the patient

Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Wadsworth

After the detox program is completed, a patient will then join the residential treatment program where they will be accorded the right care.

Wadsworth Treatment Facilities A patient will either choose to join a local rehab center or travel for rehab. Learning about addiction makes the process of rehabilitation much easier. 

The overall aim of drug rehab is to address the following issues;

  • Choosing to abstain from drugs, and plan on achieving and maintaining long-term recovery
  • Deal with the destructive and unhealthy behaviors and attitudes that come with addiction to substances
  • Address the powerlessness and lack of control the patient has concerning their use of the substance
  • For these goals to be achieved the patients who choose intensive treatment programs will live at the facility to help them focus on their recovery.

Residential Drug Addiction Program in Wadsworth

Inpatient treatment programs are designed to treat co-occurring mental health issues, substance abuse, and chemical dependency. It is ideal for people that require intensive treatment and are dealing with severe addiction. 

A residential treatment program provides the patient with 24-hour treatment and cares that you will not find in outpatient levels of care. The professional team provides support and guidance to ensure the patient achieves long-term recovery.

Ready to Enter a Drug Rehab Center in Wadsworth, Ohio?

Wadsworth Rehab ProcessAlcohol and drug addiction is a disease that infects not only those using but their families as well. At the 90210 Recovery Center, we focus on rebuilding the family bridges that have been severed by addiction through our family programs. We approach each case psychologically and physically.

We apply our holistic approach that aims at treating the spirit, the mind, and the body as we understand that addiction does not only affect the body. For the mind, we apply approaches such as medications, dual diagnosis, family therapy, psycho-educational groups, individual therapy, intimate daily groups, Medication-assisted therapy, and psychiatrist evaluation.

For the body, the available treatment plans include a private gym, kickboxing, chiropractic, 12 step meetings, and lie-skill sessions For the spirit, we use yoga, creative therapy, and meditation. This all-round treatment ensures the patient is healed entirely.

90210 Recovery Is Here For You

Our approaches to treatment focus on treating the person as a whole and catering to their physical mental and spiritual needs. A patient that has been dealing with addiction for years may not see a solution to their problem but it is available and in the form of a recovery center. Joining us is the first step towards recovery. We will ensure that you are well taken care of and provided with the right support to help you quit completely.

Recovering from alcohol or drug addiction is a very challenging journey. We understand this and this is why we provide a treatment plan that works in the best interest of our patients. We focus on understanding a patient’s journey and with the facts known to us we provide you with a treatment plan that will help you achieve sobriety and live a drug and alcohol-free life.

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