Upper Moreland alcohol rehab programs At 90210 Recovery, we provide a complete range of addiction treatment services for experts and experts-in-training with mental health disorders and drug addiction. Our state-of-the-art treatments cater for people from all people in all professions, we give you the strategies and tools to help in early recovery and beyond as you go back to your career.

We carry out a thorough, full assessment with every client, bearing in mind the potential risks of a quick recovery. Every client is given the motivation to take part in this process. The clinical team at 90210 Recovery Project in Beverly Hills give recommendations that assist in forming the plan for the course of substance abuse therapy and may comprise of the following:

  •         Yoga
  •         Psychological testing
  •         Professional laboratory monitoring
  •         Psychotherapy
  •         Evaluation and medication management

Substance Treatment in Moreland

Drug addiction claims the relationships, lives, well-being, and savings of millions of Americans yearly. Our behavioral health program and state-licensed addiction treatment at 90210 Recovery provides custom – made services that support healing in your spirituality, personal life, career, and family.

90210 Recovery offers Upper Moreland residents’ drug and alcohol treatment plans and a range of care that includes: family counseling, boutique-style sober living, post-rehab support, and aftercare planning. In a reflective and inviting environment, clients take part in holistic and traditional programming that is evidence-based and individualized to their unique needs.

What Makes Our Addiction Treatment Services Unique?

At 90210 Recovery, we take pride in an optimistic approach towards recovery that considers the extraordinary abilities and unique strengths of our clients. Our personalized addiction treatment is based upon a 12-step program of recovery as well as mindfulness and other psychotherapeutic support strategies like

  •  Focusing on the mind, spirit, and body.
  •  Addressing the core issues that bring the client to treatment while creating customized strategies toward attainable success.
  • Facilitating a 12-step program for living as well as evidence-based therapies.
  • Introduction of interpersonal and individual skills that help in building in a real-world setting.
  • Incorporation of mindfulness-based, cognitive-behavioral therapies, spiritual growth, stress reduction, insight and promote healthy living practices.

Addiction Rehab Features

Attaining holistic wellness—spirit, mind, body—is key to sustainable recovery. Upper Moreland Alcohol Rehab drug rehabilitation program deals with each of these areas, and includes the following:

 Alcoholic rehab and detox center in Upper Moreland

  •         A two-day comprehensive evaluation
  •         Daytime treatment programs
  •         Sober living for early recovery (men’s women’s residences)
  •         Psychiatric assessment
  •         Intensive outpatient treatment
  •         Family treatment program
  •         Yoga and meditation
  •         Aftercare services
  •         Continuing care groups
  •         Biofeedback and neurofeedback services
  •         Spiritual counseling
  •         Individual couple’s therapy
  •         Community give-back program
  •         Interventions

Substance Abuse Program Benefits

90210 Recovery in Beverly Hills is unique in its small size and mature-adult focus. Programming is demanding and transformative, taking place in a private environment with a skilled team of credentialed experts from 90210 Recovery. During every stage of our progressive programs, counselors track client progress to guarantee appropriate levels of care and inspire accountability in daily recovery activities.

Overcoming a drug addiction also needs a watchful, daily commitment, we provide alumni programs and aftercare guidance that support lasting soberness for Upper Moreland residents.

Bill Wilson, one of the recovering patients said that he had also seen men get out of asylums and go back to a crucial place in the lives of their families. He had seen hundreds of families who had set their feet on the track that really goes somewhere and professionals and businessmen have regained their normal lives.

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