If you are looking for an Upper Darby substance abuse treatment center for your first time, you may not know exactly what to expect. Although this is essentially the first step you need to take while reaching for sobriety and recovery for the long term, there are a few things about alcohol and drug addiction treatment facilities in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, that you should be aware of. 

Detoxification at Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers 

Adolescent Drug and Alcohol RehabThis is usually the initial step in addiction rehab – for many substance abuse disorders. Many residential addiction treatment rehabs in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, have an in-house detoxification program. 

But, you may learn that the facility you want to attend makes its clients go through medical detox at another place before checking in. This mainly applies to those Upper Darby rehab centers that require you to get sober and clean before they can offer you their rehab services.

Drug Rehabilitation Facilities

Every addiction treatment facility in Upper Darby has its own unique physical facilities. They will range from luxurious facilities on the high end to camp-style environment settings, which are usually for helping troubled young individuals conquer their behavioral and substance use issues.

In general, the higher end alcohol and drug rehab centers are usually more expensive. But also, there are some low-cost drug rehabs created for patients who need treatment but are unable to afford to pay for luxury rehabilitation.

Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Rehab; No Lock Rule

Many drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, do not lock the doors, which means that patients are free to choose to stay at the center or leave. However, there are some dire consequences for taking this step, the Upper Darby addiction treatment center will not stop you.

The no locks rule is applied in most of these Upper Darby alcohol and drug rehab facilities because they believe that the rehab programs will only work if you really want to succeed. So, if you are admitted into the rehab facility knowing that you intend to use alcohol or drugs again, you will be wasting the efforts of the staff as well as your time and money.

Education in a Drug Rehab Center

Upper Darby rehab centersEducation lies at the core of most Upper Darby drug and alcohol rehabs. But, like everything else, it varies from one facility to the other. Nevertheless, the educational courses would be personalized to ensure that you have a clear comprehension of your addiction needs while helping you alter your beliefs and attitudes towards substance abuse.

While still in the early addiction recovery stages, you might still be in denial about how severe your alcohol and drug abuse has gotten. Alternatively, you might be indeterminate about quitting drugs and alcohol completely.

Hence, the goal of addiction education would be to help patients break through this denial. It could also ensure that you become more committed to a lifestyle of recovery.

Generally, the Upper Darby drug and alcohol rehab center will teach you about the nature of your addiction as well as the consequences of ongoing drug abuse.

Additional Services

  • Family Meetings
  • Relapse Prevention Programs
  • Group and Counseling Therapy

Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab  Program

When you are suffering from severe substance use disorder, inpatient rehab treatment is typically the most appropriate choice. Inpatient treatment entails a structured everyday schedule, as well as support and supervision available 24-hours a day.

During some Upper Darby inpatient programs, you’ll have access to recreational activities like yoga or hiking and other amenities. These activities, when combined with evidence-based treatment to enhance lasting recovery. With integrated professional care available, inpatient programs will also address co-occurring mental health disorders.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Care

 May be accessed from a doctor’s office or other outpatient settings. Outpatient care is similar to the “least intense” end of the care spectrum and is usually reserved for those with the least significant substance dependency problems, strong work expectations, and a comprehensive range of social resources in place. 

Upper Darby Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment can vary from drug education, sober skills training, more regularly scheduled medication and alcohol therapy, and even outpatient recovery services. The period of treatment is variable and depends on the quality of rehabilitation. 

Alumni and Aftercare Services in Our Alcohol and Drug Rehab 

Alumni and Aftercare services start once you complete an intensive outpatient or residential program. The goal is to give you the appropriate tools that help you transition back into your regular life.

Every program is different, but aftercare majorly focuses on life issues that might impact your sobriety, such as employment, housing, and relationships.

Find Out More From a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Near Me 

Upper Darby drug and alcohol rehab centerLong-term sobriety is achievable wherever you are. However, If you visit a drug rehab in Upper Darby near home, then you are close to your loved ones and receive support. The disadvantage is you are also around old friends that may lessen your chances of staying sober. 

Traveling to a different state or city for inpatient rehab will help you achieve long-term sobriety. 90210 Recovery in Beverly Hills, California, offers a full range of addiction treatment services and admits addiction patients from across the country. Contact us today and start your recovery journey, or get your free insurance quote today.

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