Addiction treatment centers, UnionYou might be worried about the chance of losing your job because of your struggle with drug or alcohol addiction. Random drug testing could be another concern.

This is particularly true if your job has a labor group. Union drug rehab support and advocates for a drug and alcohol-free workplace for a good reason. Addicted employees may pose a serious danger to themselves and their colleagues.

However, drug and alcohol rehab is supported by labor unions. You should ask for support from your workplace in order to avoid putting your career in jeopardy.

Union Policies on Drug Abuse and Treatment

Employees who admit to struggling with an addiction can get help from the labor unions through various policies. There are also great insurance benefits offered by the unions, although you will probably have to pay a little amount for the best treatment. 

Some treatment centers work directly with labor organizations to help them identify employees who likely have addiction problems. The aim is to identify the addiction while it is still in its early stages. 

union rehab center works directly with labor unions and is helpful to employers, employees, and other leaders. No employer wants to lose a valued employee, and no employee wants to lose a good job, either. 

When employees get into union-associated rehab programs, they receive these services:

  • Return-to-work certification
  • Aftercare services
  • Detox and inpatient rehab services
  • An all-inclusive evaluation and treatment plan
  • Development of a plan to help the employee stay sober in the long-term

As A Union Member, Are You Concerned About Substance Abuse?

Drug abuse treatment programs in UnionYou may be addicted, or soon will be, if you have encountered any of these:

  • You keep family gatherings if they interfere with your drug use
  • You are always penniless from your drug abuse spending habits
  • You are preoccupied with your drug of choice
  • You have used finances intended for life basics like food and rent on drugs
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms when your drug of choice isn’t available
  • You’re no longer interested in hobbies and friends you once enjoyed

If you have attempted to stop using the drug and have been unsuccessful, then you are most certainly addicted. If you haven’t yet been jailed, then you still have adequate time to seek help. An arrest could you or your current career or all future job opportunities.

Union Drug Rehab

Most individuals dealing with addiction require help both to break the addiction to drugs and to maintain sobriety. If you’re an addict to barbiturates, benzodiazepines or alcohol, you require supervision by medical staff in order to safely and securely withdraw from these drugs and substances. 

These drugs and substances can cause serious withdrawal side effects like seizures. Medical detoxification is meant to avoid severe withdrawal symptoms and to keep the patient comfortable during the detox process. During a medically-supervised detoxification process, you should not be in pain. 

Medical detox also helps to minimize opioid withdrawal symptoms. You should also not experience pain during a detox opioid withdrawal. After having the drug flushed out of your system, you will start to undertake evidence-based therapy. This means that the therapy has been established to function, and there are many different types of therapies. 

Union Drug addiction treatment facilitiesThe patient also receives individual therapy and also group therapy with other recovering addicts. Upon completion of the residential component of your treatment, you will be provided with aftercare services to help in keeping you sober. You may also consider living in a sober living center.

Your employer wants to support you in maintaining sobriety. They need a safe and healthy employee working for them. Labor unions do not gain anything by discharging or punishing employees who have an addiction problem. It is more helpful if they help the workers become sober and get back to work. That is why they give their support to such employees.

Get Addiction Treatment Now!

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