Addiction treatment centers, UnionUnion County is situated in the north-central region of the state. According to the 2019 census, there is a population count of 556,341. Like other parts of New Jersey, Union has a growing drug challenge. Drug-related hospitalizations and overdoses appear to never end. There were 177 deaths in 2019, due to drugs

The overdose and addiction epidemic touches people all over the country, and Union is not left out. Abuse of heroin remains a public health problem from the growing number of overdose deaths and hospitalizations it causes. Alcohol and prescription opioids are two other top substances in the region.

Nevertheless, the county and state are working hard hand in hand to fight the drug problem in the town of Union. This article explains about drug abuse and treatment centers in Union, and where to get help.

Union Drug Rehab Statistics

Drug addiction treatment admissions in the county are stated here, beginning with the uppermost number. As the information specifies, heroin is a key substance of choice in the region followed closely by liquor.

  •         Marijuana – 508
  •         Cocaine – 177
  •         Other opiates – 142
  •         Heroin – 1,469
  •         Alcohol – 1,162

The Substances that are mostly abused in Union are:

  •         Alcohol
  •         Marijuana
  •         Heroin
  •         Cocaine

Union City Alcohol and Drug Treatment

The state of New Jersey distributed over 11,000 prescriptions of antidotes to help stop drug overdoses all over the state. New information is gathered all over the state as the health division works with the treatment centers to stop the addiction complications.

With the many drug and alcohol treatment centers available for addiction treatment and the plans to set the individuals who require help on a good track, the addiction figures are falling.

Choosing an Addiction Treatment Center

Drug abuse treatment programs in UnionResearch is required to find the right fit for a person who wishes to enter a treatment center. It is a tough battle at the beginning, but finding comfort is critical with friends and family’s support.

Listed are a few standards to search for in a treatment center:

  •  modified treatment plans: sifting through the treatment programs and services to find what works best for the person
  • open 24/7: The treatment center should at all times be accessible when needed, night or day
  • various levels of care: this assists to ensure people get the treatment that makes sense for their co-occurring mental health or addiction needs.

Treatment Centers Near Union City, New Jersey

Each alcohol or drug rehab center is unlike the next and provides different treatment plans. Detox is usually the first stage in recovery, then either inpatient or outpatient programs and lastly aftercare. Some of the treatment programs available are inpatient, outpatient, and detox programs.

Alcohol and Drug Detox Programs

During the detox process, medication is used to remove drugs and alcohol from the body. All toxins in the body are removed during detox in preparation for recovery.

Alcohol and drug detox plans allow individuals to withdraw safely as symptoms of withdrawal are painful, uncomfortable, and maybe unsafe. If necessary, treatment specialists can administer medicines to ease discomforts, such as buprenorphine and methadone.

Inpatient Treatment Programs

Union Drug addiction treatment facilitiesAn inpatient rehab program offers the most rigorous form of addiction treatment. Within inpatient plans, individuals can recover with limitless support, mental health treatment, medical care, and other treatment services as required.

Inpatient treatment plans are the most fruitful methods of treatment, as they let individuals devote all their energy and time to recovery.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Treatment offered in an outpatient setting resembles that of inpatient rehab centers. The patient does not have to stay in the treatment center during the recovery period.

Treatments are still rigorous, but differ to meet an individual’s other obligations. Counseling sessions, group therapy, and other treatments happen for a few hours every day.

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