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Drug and alcohol treatment in Union cityThe (CDC) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognizes that the opioid overdose epidemic is a serious public health concern. The Attorney General’s New Jersey Office confirms that there were 3,021 drug overdose deaths in 2019 across the state.

90210 Recovery Center provides a range of traditional and complementary therapies designed to offer you the best possible chance of making a successful recovery. Our comprehensive approach to treatments is designed so you can learn healthy ways to enjoy your sober lifestyle long into the future.

The Initial step to your recovery is just a phone call away. Call the 90210 recovery center today (see how we can assist you in your journey to recovery.

Drug addiction treatment center Union City 

The initial stage in any recovery is seeking out help. Admitting that you have a substance or drug or drinking problem and actively searching for ways to break the addiction cycle is a positive start to your recovery. 

There are several benefits to pursuing help from a qualified addiction treatment program. Besides breaking free from the cycle of addiction, you have the chance to experience new coping mechanisms for dealing with life’s difficulties. You can also utilize your time in rehab to develop healthy new habits and daily routines to carry forward with you into your sober future. 

Once you’ve decided to seek help and enter into a treatment program, your recovery begins with the detox process. Medical Detoxification means eliminating the effects of the drug or alcohol from your system safely and comfortably. The detox process must be conducted under medical supervision to ensure you have access to the proper medications and treatments accessible to make Detox easier to manage.

Various forms of treatment programs offered by Garden Heights Recovery include:

Partial hospitalization program and Complementary Therapies

Substance abuse treatment Union CityPartial hospitalization rehab programs are the most intense forms of outpatient treatment. Naturally, you should have already completed Detox and be committed to making positive changes in your life. 

With partial hospitalization programs, you can return home each night after treatment; you are still expected to attend pre-scheduled counseling and treatment sessions and group support meetings for several hours per day, most days of the week. The level of commitment can seem substantial, but it helps develop healthy fresh habits that you can take with you into your sober future.

Some people may realize that a partial hospitalization program (PHP) is ideal for their first treatment requirements. Others may realize that PHP is the ideal level of continuous support and guidance they need through early recovery after stepping down from the structure of being in a residential detox program.

Intensive Outpatient Drug Addiction Treatment, Union City 

Suppose you’ve already completed detoxing an intensive outpatient Substance abuse treatment in Union City, and you’ve dedicated to your sober future. In that case, an intensive outpatient treatment program may be suitable for your ongoing recovery needs. You have the benefits of maintaining the well planned daily routine you learned during residential rehab. 

You’re still required to attend pre-scheduled therapy and group support sessions each day throughout the week. You are required to commit to your recovery treatment plan. Yet you can still go home each night after treatment is completed.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment in Union City

The outpatient programs available at 90210 Recovery are designed to be flexible enough so you can attend treatment and therapy sessions around your current work schedule and other obligations.

Suppose you have an undiagnosed or untreated mental health disorder at the same time as your substance abuse issues. In that case, we’re also able to integrate specialized treatments so that both disorders are treated simultaneously.

Simultaneous treatments ensure that your underlying mental health disorder is managed effectively to treat the drug or alcohol abuse problem. The result is that you should gain immensely from a reduced risk of relapsing back into former patterns once you complete your treatment.

Aftercare Treatment Programs

Union City drug addiction treatmentWhen you go from any rehab treatment program, it’s vital to acknowledge that you’ve completed a huge milestone. Yet your recovery doesn’t stop just because you’re no longer in rehab. 

That’s why our resourceful team works with you to develop a strong aftercare program so you’re able to live your sober lifestyle with confidence. Throughout your rehab program, you’ll develop a robust new relapse prevention strategy designed to help you identify your unique triggers. 

You’ll also learn healthy methods to reduce the risk of returning to former patterns of behavior, so you have the near perfect possibility possible to enjoy your sober future. A considerable part of your recovery is educating yourself on exploring new ways to cope with life and enjoy life to the fullest without the need for drugs or alcohol.

That’s where 90210 Recovery can help. As part of your overall recovery plan, we work closely with you to ensure that you have all the skills and resources you need to make a successful recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Call us or email us to start your journey now.  

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