Do Union Alcohol and Drug Rehab  Use Insurance?

According to the most recent US census, more than 11% of American workers are members of a union. There have been a number of questions regarding substance abuse and addiction treatment coverage by union insurance.

Additionally, there are questions concerning coverage, including the first process of seeking rehabilitation and out of state treatment options.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab is Needed

Union addiction treatment centerWhen you are unable to manage life due to alcohol or substance abuse, you should first admit that you have a problem with yourself and your loved ones. When seeking treatment for an addiction, you should not be ashamed in the process.

Like other diseases such as hypertension and cancer, addiction is a disease, and just like other diseases, treatment is required. The members of the union should debate on this with their union representative to find out the options that are available for the treatment of drug and substance abuse.

 If you or someone you care about has this problem, it should be understood that preventing any incidents at the workplace and taking care of the addiction problem before it gets to a life problem will make the employer appreciate the effort. Seeking help and support is more respectful than hiding the problem. If you are aware of someone in need of help in talking about drug treatment options with a representative at the union, we at 90210 Recovery can help you have these difficult conversations.

We desire that our patients who are union members return to work after their treatment program at 90210 Recovery.

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) states that employers must give three months of leave per year while still covering all medical benefits. As a result, members of a union can receive the treatment they require and go back to work without the fear of losing their job. Employees who suffer from addiction are also protected by The Americans with Disabilities Act. This act ensures that these individuals are not discriminated against once treatment is completed and you have gone back to work.

Treatment Cost for Union Members in Addiction Treatment Centers in Union

At The 90210 Recovery, we understand that there are misconceptions around the high cost of addiction treatment or rehab.

Most of the addiction treatment costs are covered by health insurance. Verification of the insurance is free for anybody who is considering taking the first step towards sobriety.

You can learn about the insurance policies we accept through our official website. Call us today for insurance verification: (844)462-8571

Length of Stay and Levels Of Care in a Union Alcohol and Drug Rehab

You can get the information on the level of care and the period of treatment covered by your insurance from the insurance company. It is not rare for members of a union to struggle with drug or alcohol addiction.

Alcohol rehab treatment in UnionThe union may have set aside payment options or additional funds for those members struggling with substance abuse.

There are Employee Assisted Programs (EAPs) in some unions which are designed for members to handle their personal problems in a confidential environment; this includes drug abuse.

EAPs were specifically made for mental health issues and drug addiction issues in the workplace. They provide excellent services in connecting union members with appropriate treatment options customized for their insurance and specific needs.

Getting Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment for Yourself

Your health is more important than your legal protection. It is important to get treatment immediately If you are struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction. Sobriety’s benefits outweigh the time needed for proper treatment by far. You will see constant improvement in your physical health, personal life, mental health, family life, and economic status.

Getting Addiction Treatment For a Loved One

At 90210 Recovery, we help your loved one to get their life back and get their mental and behavioral health problems and addiction through constant guidance and support. We understand that it can be difficult and confusing to take the first steps to seek help. We are available to answer all your questions, 24/7.

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