Drug and alcohol addiction treatment clinicsThe aim of our treatment center is to help patients and their families have a much better life. Both our outpatient and inpatient treatment programs operate around this goal. Drug addiction causes various problems such as hopelessness, including depression, lack of self-worth, and anxiety. Most of the patients are normally dealing with other problems as they seek treatment. These include legal problems, family problems, health problems, and others on top of the drug addiction.

Types Of Drug Rehab centers are Available in Trumbull

The drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers offer detox service and medication-assisted treatment ( MAT). Patients continue with alcohol or drug addiction treatment programs whilst undergoing couple, individual, or group counseling sessions.

Trumbull’s alcohol and drug rehabs enable group support and therapy with the patients in order to improve their lives. There are no limited time frames when it comes to engaging patients in the treatment sessions. There are flexible schedules for patients who are working as professionals elsewhere.

Outpatient Drug Rehab in Trumbull

Trumbull rehab facilitiesThe intensive outpatient treatment programs in Trumbull usually use the same customized services as our General Outpatient Program with a concentration of up to hours of treatment per week. Those 9 hours include sessions with the individual therapists, group therapists, medical doctors, family therapists, health and wellness staff, and other psycho-educational service staff.

The intensive outpatient treatment programs are less rigorous than the partial hospital program in that it does not always consist of oversight by medical staff and medication management and evaluation. It is, however, more intensive than outpatient drug abuse treatment and outpatient detoxification. Intensive outpatient treatment programs are normally 2-3 hours a day.

Inpatient or Residential Drug Rehab in Trumbull

This program is for those patients who need more rigorous treatment so as to beat their addiction to drugs or alcohol. The treatment centers supply residential care for men and women who are struggling with substance abuse disorders. Residential Drug Rehab comprises several interventions that are considered to boost the recovery chances and make the process of recovery more achievable. 

Competent addiction specialists who appreciate the requirements of the patients who are struggling with co-occurring mental illnesses and addiction enable this level of support and are available all round the clock to offer the necessary encouragement, support, and guidance as the road to a sober life is navigated.

Specific residential programs also provide abundant therapeutic facilities that are enabled by staff members who take care of patients with high respect for the dignity of all who choose to partake in this type of treatment.

Medically Monitored Detox

Trumbull rehab facilitiesThe process of detoxification is essential when a patient is displaying serious withdrawal symptoms Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol may pose a lethal state. Additionally, many people encounter symptoms that are not dangerous, but they may be so painful and uncomfortable that constant use of the substance is needed to preserve a false wellness sense. 

This will every so often keep Trumbull Connecticut addicts and alcoholics from becoming sober. Medically monitored detoxification ensures a safe detox by relieving withdrawal symptoms and permitting the recovering patient to get treatment without having the fear of further withdrawal. There are suboxone doctors who assist in detox from opiates such as heroin when suitable. 

The period of detox treatment is generally four days. Over the detox period, patients start the treatment and assessment process and shift to constant participation in the temporary treatment program.

How Much Does Drug Treatment Cost in Trumbull, CT?

Treatment costs for drug rehab in Trumbull, Connecticut vary widely. The cost can be dependent on whether or not you are covered by your insurance and other factors. Patients who pay in cash may meet the requirements for grants offered in Connecticut and will pay much less.

Cost of Inpatient vs Outpatient Drug Rehab Programs

Because Inpatient drug rehabilitation requires the patient to reside at the facility, the cost for it is more expensive than that of intensive Outpatient treatment. Staying at the treatment facility full time will cost more than staying at home and only going to the facility for a few hours.

However, inpatient treatment is not always the best option for treatment. It is very possible to recover completely and get sober through a 1OP that is very exhaustive and carefully monitored.

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